Meaning of common sense in English:

common sense

Pronunciation /ˌkɒmən ˈsɛns/

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mass noun
  • Good sense and sound judgement in practical matters.

    ‘it is all a matter of common sense’
    • ‘a common-sense approach’
    • ‘I believe that the committee reached a very sound, common-sense approach to the problem.’
    • ‘He had a practical, common-sense manner, and he was determined from the outset that nothing but his best was good enough.’
    • ‘I hope that a practical, common-sense application will be applied to the various issues that will arise.’
    • ‘We have a positive, common-sense approach to the issues that face us.’
    • ‘There were common-sense reasons for the other regulations too.’
    • ‘However, if pressed to defend this common-sense approach, few pure mathematicians would seek to do so.’
    • ‘You can improve your market sense even more with the following common-sense tips.’
    • ‘Gifted with finely honed communication skills, she displays entertaining, common-sense wisdom throughout.’
    • ‘They would say that that was a good, sensible, common-sense use of their money.’
    • ‘They are common-sense people who know right from wrong.’
    • ‘There are some common-sense methods that can be used for both adults and children to treat fevers at home.’
    • ‘Some common-sense solutions, and neat statistics, are found within the paper.’
    • ‘Several common-sense short cuts were taken in the handbook to facilitate readability.’
    • ‘Smith offers common-sense advice for creating a charming and productive greenhouse.’
    • ‘We also wanted people to know that our candidate was a mainstream, common-sense candidate.’
    • ‘The bill contains a number of common-sense amendments to remedy several defects in transport legislation.’
    • ‘He has a gift for identifying weaknesses and applying common-sense solutions.’
    • ‘Apart from the usual common-sense advice, there are a couple of critical pointers.’
    • ‘Those are simply common-sense amendments, and I commend them and the bill to the House.’
    • ‘The bill contains a number of common-sense amendments to address those concerns.’
    good sense, sense, sensibleness, native wit, native intelligence, mother wit, wit, judgement, sound judgement, level-headedness, prudence, discernment, acumen, sharpness, sharp-wittedness, canniness, astuteness, shrewdness, judiciousness, wisdom, insight, intuition, intuitiveness, perceptiveness, perspicacity, vision, understanding, intelligence, reason, powers of reasoning
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