Meaning of commonweal in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɒmənwiːl/


archaic the commonweal
  • The welfare of the public.

    ‘the Church's importance to the country's commonweal’
    • ‘Its holders see no beauty in the Universe, only scheming business people fleecing the commonweal.’
    • ‘No longer - now it's the market, not the commonweal, that calls the shots.’
    • ‘Certainly, I can agree with the sentiment that quality literature is often outside the grasp of the commonweal.’
    • ‘And so, inevitably, comes the realization that they are being exploited not for the commonweal, nor for their own self-restoration, but for the enrichment of the elite few.’
    • ‘Here vision, co-ordination, and resources are urgently required for our commonweal and moral fibre.’