Meaning of comms in English:


plural noun

usually as modifier
  • Communications.

    ‘comms software’
    • ‘The focus has led to the company developing more custom displays for customers, particularly for mobile comms handsets and portable information appliances.’
    • ‘It was one of the first companies to warn last October that performance was being hit by weakening demand for mobile comms handsets and higher client inventory levels.’
    • ‘Others are less optimistic, saying that the downturn reflects loss of momentum in the mobile comms sector, and they suggest that things could get worse before they get better.’
    • ‘These subscribers will represent 50% of all mobile comms users.’
    • ‘Typical applications are hand-held instrumentation, camcorders, computer scanners and digital comms systems.’
    • ‘But as part of the new fabric of distributed computing, their comms link will always allow them to access far more than can ever be held in a single device.’
    • ‘Personal Portable System Manager is aimed at wireless comms devices.’
    • ‘In rural areas, the company acknowledges that fibre optic cable is an expensive way of delivering broadband comms.’
    • ‘He wrapped a comms earpiece around the back of his ear and strapped the throat mike around his neck.’
    • ‘Cutting the cost of airtime is essential to winning business from other satellite comms companies.’
    • ‘The council said that keeping up with rapidly changing technology is a major challenge; the comms upgrade will help other IT projects.’
    • ‘So it's currently possible for units to know where they are via GPS, and to report their position to commanders via their existing comms systems.’
    • ‘In his country, for example, there were 15 different comms standards and there was little real talk about the Internet.’
    • ‘The service will be offered in partnership with Japan's largest mobile comms company.’
    • ‘The microphone was jacked into the comms system, so you could hear the air traffic control.’
    • ‘There's no need for additional comms equipment or dial-up connections to be deployed at the corporate network end.’
    • ‘Applications could include mobile and satellite comms, broadcast systems, test and measurement and defence.’
    • ‘In the UK, mobile comms was fostered by the ever-broadening availability of prepaid services.’
    • ‘He moved to the nearest internal comms panel and set the channel for shipwide broadcast.’
    • ‘The company will increasingly focus on wireless comms as a key driver for PDA sales.’