Meaning of community college in English:

community college


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  • 1North American A college providing further and higher education for people living in a particular area.

    ‘Chloe would be attending university in the fall, and Liam would be going to El Camino, a community college in the area.’
    • ‘I continued taking classes at the community college in the county where we lived.’
    • ‘An accounting professor at a Minnesota community college has her students study the federal budget.’
    • ‘Many students arrive at the community college lacking basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.’
    • ‘While taking classes at the community college Norma felt she received ‘great’ support.’
    • ‘At a nearby community college, a similar system has made interim reporting of grades a requirement.’
    • ‘Staff members in the programs described have been educated in disability issues and how they might be addressed in a community college.’
    • ‘The implementation of certificate programs in the comprehensive community college was reviewed for this paper.’
    • ‘When I started at the community college, it was for art classes only.’
    • ‘Clearly, the table indicates that open admissions continues to be a central function of the community college.’
    • ‘At the community college, all that was needed was for her to take their placement test.’
    • ‘Another college studied was a large urban community college, with five campuses in two Florida counties.’
    • ‘He's in high school, and he also attends part-time at a community college.’
    • ‘I finished at a community college, focusing on computer programming, and am now working for a reasonable income.’
    • ‘More women were entering Oregon State University while men were more likely to attend a community college and then transfer.’
    • ‘Patricia is an English instructor at a small community college.’
    • ‘She began at the local community college, where, after nine years she earned an associate's degree.’
    • ‘Besides her job as a ward secretary at the hospital, she was studying for her nursing degree at a local community college.’
    • ‘He's now a student at a community college in Sacramento, California, where he's studying journalism.’
    • ‘Also, when I first got out of high school, I went to a community college.’
  • 2British A secondary school whose educational and recreational facilities are available to adults in the local community.

    ‘There is a secondary school, a community college and three primary schools in the village, one of which is Irish-speaking.’
    • ‘I once took a ‘ghost-hunting’ class at the local community college.’
    • ‘The event is aimed at the residents of Northlands Park and Craylands, who will be able to take free courses at the adult community college from the end of April.’
    • ‘More recently I've taken Aikido at the local community college and enjoyed it immensely.’
    • ‘I was teaching a basic college writing course one summer at the local community college.’
    • ‘I am a student at a community college, and I have been nominated to compete in a theatre festival.’
    • ‘However today, the school is a large and vibrant community college with a reputation second to none.’
    • ‘I hadn't corrected that, although I discovered he was now working in a village not far away as Head of Music in the community college.’