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Pronunciation /kəmˌpatɪˈbɪlɪti/

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mass noun
  • 1A state in which two things are able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict.

    ‘he argues for the compatibility of science and religion’
    • ‘In fact, Europe now faces a much more formidable set of challenges regarding Galileo's future compatibility.’
    • ‘The secret to success in a mentoring relationship is compatibility.’
    • ‘Coating makers take many different paths to ensure the blood compatibility of medical products.’
    • ‘We used MatInspector to detect transcription factor binding sites with high compatibility to sequence matrices.’
    • ‘Indeed, its strength lies in its compatibility with a wide range of political-institutional arrangements.’
    • ‘There are also questions about the compatibility of lie detectors with fundamental principles in English law.’
    • ‘Second, the chance of compatibility with third party class libraries will increase dramatically.’
    • ‘A simpler metric is character compatibility, which can be measured without tree searches.’
    • ‘The final point for comment is the compatibility of the floral ecology with bee biology.’
    • ‘John Ely Burchard demonstrated the compatibility of the two branches of knowledge.’
    • ‘To evaluate the mouthwashes for compatibility with the DNA purification chemistry, the protein precipitation step was examined.’
    • ‘Hence, the compatibility of the peptide sequence with the space in the binding groove has an important role in molecular recognition.’
    • ‘For those who choose to proceed, a second sample of blood is then collected to confirm precise compatibility with the patient.’
    • ‘The format you choose affects compatibility with other tools.’
    • ‘Mate choice for genetic compatibility differs from typical good genes selection in that individual females should differ in their preferences.’
    • ‘Intellectual compatibility could be a saving grace - without it, jealousy may get out of hand.’
    • ‘Classification of products by compatibility with flammable anesthetics.’
    • ‘Not only did she choose businesses for their compatibility, she was also selective in choosing the right people to be tenants at the center.’
    • ‘There is no compatibility between evolution and the biblical account of creation.’
    like-mindedness, similarity, agreement, affinity, closeness, fellow feeling, harmony, rapport, empathy, sympathy, friendship, camaraderie, togetherness, communion, concord
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    1. 1.1A feeling of sympathy and friendship; like-mindedness.
      ‘they felt the bond of true compatibility’
      • ‘More than anything, the key to compatibility with a romantic partner is whether our stories match.’
      • ‘In fact, argue psychologists and marital advocates, there's no such thing as true compatibility.’
      • ‘If compatibility is the mainstay of a relationship, then homosexuality makes much more sense.’
      • ‘Considering this, theories based on behavior and cultural compatibility do not adequately explain the educational achievement of Asian-American students.’
      • ‘Even though I was evacuated because I was very young, I remember being in air raid shelters and the tremendous feeling of compatibility with everybody.’
      • ‘How had she been mistaken as to their compatibility?’
      • ‘Christina says the technique can be used to show compatibility between couples, workers and even diagnose ill health.’
      • ‘Before you can establish a relationship, compatibility and friendship are the first hurdles to conquer.’
      like-mindedness, similarity, agreement, affinity, closeness, fellow feeling, harmony, rapport, empathy, sympathy, friendship, camaraderie, togetherness, communion, concord
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    2. 1.2Computing The ability of one computer, piece of software, etc. to work with another.
      ‘software compatibility is another important factor to consider’
      • ‘Speaking of Photoshop, Painter 7 continues to make improvements in compatibility between the two applications.’
      • ‘A quick check on Microsoft's online hardware compatibility list shows only two models are directly supported, with a few more having available drivers.’
      • ‘Check for compatibility with the phonebook software you use on your PC.’
      • ‘In compatibility mode, applications can only access the first 4 gigabytes of virtual address space.’
      • ‘They boast excellent compatibility with different motherboards and support low voltage.’