Meaning of compellingly in English:


Pronunciation /kəmˈpɛlɪŋli/

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  • 1In a way that evokes interest, attention, or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way.

    ‘this book is beautifully illustrated and compellingly narrated’
    • ‘compellingly honest paintings’
    • ‘It's a merry, moving, wise play, compellingly revived by the repertory.’
    • ‘Perfectly French is the superb set, compellingly lighted by the acclaimed designer.’
    • ‘A fine cast helps bring the story compellingly to life.’
    • ‘The question is which of these alternatives brings the notes most tellingly or most compellingly to life.’
    • ‘From here on in, things get blacker, more humid, and even compellingly cinematic.’
    • ‘I saw two performances, and they were both vigorously danced and compellingly stylish.’
    • ‘He uses the computer as an instrument of translation, rather than a generative device, to create his compellingly tactile architecture.’
    • ‘It is a vision fully realized, a story beautifully structured and compellingly human.’
    • ‘Rarely are sexuality and fear portrayed as compellingly, and as subtly, as this.’
    • ‘As in his westerns, his trademark was contemporary, synthetic sound in compellingly simple settings.’
    1. 1.1In a convincing way that is not easily refuted.
      ‘an ambitious, compellingly argued book’
      • ‘this assumption has never been compellingly demonstrated’
      • ‘He can explain complex ideas in a compellingly succinct way.’
      • ‘They may be persuaded by the most compellingly promoted argument, regardless of the technical merit of the case.’
      • ‘He makes a compellingly funky case for joining them.’
      • ‘His limitations as a leader and the trickery in his political dealings are compellingly exposed.’
      • ‘Overall, he presents a thoughtfully composed, compellingly theorized argument about how these groups operate.’
      • ‘A trained psychoanalyst, he offers a compellingly persuasive theory on the motive of the murders.’
      • ‘I recall attending his compellingly subversive lectures at the university in the 1960s.’
      • ‘They compellingly argue for and show the importance of the increasing convergence between strategy and entrepreneurship scholars.’
      • ‘Drawn from Melville's experiences in the navy, it compellingly condemned the practice of flogging, and may have influenced its outlawing.’
      • ‘He argues compellingly and extensively that the water reservoir was conceived and used for ritual bathing.’