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  • Willing to please others or to accept what they do or say without protest.

    ‘there are too many complaisant doctors signing sick notes’
    • ‘Strangely though, this doesn't come over as frosty or nihilistic, but harmless and complaisant.’
    • ‘These ideas were encouraged by complaisant Western ‘development economists’ and by a dubious semantic innovation.’
    • ‘But nothing seems to shift a complaisant populace.’
    • ‘The complaisant attitudes came from some surprising quarters.’
    • ‘In fact, if he means to keep it up, newspapers may want to send a mixed party of philosophers and wranglers, instead of complaisant hacks, to his next party conference.’
    • ‘Ruthless spin doctors and complaisant media can be a tragic mix’
    • ‘And a complaisant public is also, of course, invaluable to the transaction.’
    • ‘His friends, who have known him for more than 25 years, say he has never in his life used one single cuss word, has never been unfriendly and has always been very complaisant.’
    • ‘Although the subsidiary was complaisant to do the parent's will, it did function in giving effect to the parent's wishes and the parent did not usurp the control of the subsidiary.’
    • ‘Noah's eyes were slightly jealous, but he was so complaisant that I figured he'd get over it in a day.’
    willing, assenting, acquiescent, agreeable, amenable, cooperative, accommodating, obliging, biddable, compliant, pliant, deferential, docile, obedient, conformable, tractable
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/kəmˈpleɪznt/ /ˌkɒmpleɪˈzɑːnt/


Complaisant does not mean the same as complacent. See complacent


Mid 17th century French, from complaire ‘acquiesce in order to please’, from Latin complacere ‘to please’.