Meaning of complex sentence in English:

complex sentence


  • A sentence containing a subordinate clause or clauses.

    ‘Most Syriac nominal sentences are not simple sentences; rather, they are complex sentences involving extrapositions.’
    • ‘A complex sentence is a sentence which is made up of one or more simple sentences and one or more connectives.’
    • ‘A complex sentence consists of an independent clause and a subordinate clause.’
    • ‘Simple and complex sentences twine together, crammed with pinpointed details that capture the senses.’
    • ‘The second passage contains both simple and complex sentences.’
    • ‘Our best conclusion is that for complex sentences, generation of part of a word in those sentences distracts participants from processing the whole sentence, which leads to the deficit.’
    • ‘In this approach to qualitative analysis, complex sentences and meaning units are analyzed by identifying the semantic relationship of topics discussed.’
    • ‘More complex sentences are manipulated, and the goal is not syntax studies as much as a tool to facilitate clear thinking.’
    • ‘Reading quickly or slowly did not affect either group of normal kids; and the complex sentences posed no additional difficulty for any group, including the SLI group.’
    • ‘You'll be analyzing far more complex sentences by Level 6!’
    • ‘If you have difficulty constructing complex sentences, stick with your old friend the subject-verb-object construction.’
    • ‘This problem occurs when the grammar checker attempts to evaluate a long, complex sentence that includes several conjunctions such as ‘or’ and ‘and’ along with at least one preposition such as ‘of,’ ‘to,’ ‘by,’ or ‘from.’’