Meaning of computational in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkɒmpjʊˈteɪʃən(ə)l/

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  • 1Using or relating to computers.

    ‘the computational analysis of English’
    • ‘Upon reading the interview with Linus in the November 1999 issue, we've noticed that Microsoft has produced a new class of computational analysis problems.’
    • ‘These should allow us to focus more on the computational power of the CPU, with less disturbance from chipset issues like AGP or IDE implementation differences.’
    • ‘The project uses ‘neural networks’, a computational analysis, which mimics the working of the human brain to map what lies beneath the city.’
    • ‘The goal of this project was to develop a computational tool to verify and validate the outcomes of computational analysis tools.’
    • ‘Bioinformatics is the computational analysis and organization of biological data such as gene sequences and protein structure.’
    • ‘From the computational analysis of AMT protein sequences, it is difficult to identify protein domains required for the ammonium transport function.’
    • ‘Such relatively primitive methods have now been overtaken by vastly enhanced possibilities for computational analysis.’
    • ‘It soon emerged that similar principles were already familiar and well-developed in other fields, such as automated text analysis and computational learning theory.’
    • ‘Scientists recently announced not only the first complete sequence of a plant genome, but also a computational analysis for the flowering wild plant Arabidopsis thaliana.’
    • ‘Increasingly complex schemes for representing solvent effects in an implicit fashion are being used in computational analyses of biological macromolecules.’
    • ‘These adaptations may be discovered through functional computational analysis using available models of our hominid past and general principles of evolution.’
    • ‘In addition, two institutions played a key role in providing computational support and analysis for the Human Genome Project over the course of the past eighteen months.’
    • ‘Apart from the sheer size of the new data sets, separating very weak signals from noise will pose a mounting challenge to computational analysis of the CMB in the years to come.’
    • ‘Due to their relative simplicity and profound clinical importance, neutrophils are an excellent system for computational analysis.’
    • ‘Noncoding regulatory elements can also be identified through computational analysis of promoters of coregulated genes.’
    • ‘This research group will create highly visual, user-friendly computational analyses of disease outbreaks.’
    • ‘His computational fluid-dynamics analysis revealed the path and velocity of the water as it flowed along a swimmer's body.’
    • ‘A careful computational analysis can provide further insight and can thus serve as a valuable adjunct to chemical intuition.’
    • ‘With image sizes approaching tens of millions of pixels, efficient computational solutions are required for practical and economical systems.’
    • ‘The method we propose here is much simpler and considerably faster than all others, allowing the analysis of a very large sequence dataset with very limited computational work.’
  • 2Relating to the process of mathematical calculation.

    ‘the exam only really tested computational ability’
    • ‘These computational results give mathematicians confidence that random matrix theory could provide an avenue to a proof of the Riemann hypothesis.’
    • ‘More and more mathematicians are considering the computational aspects of their areas.’
    • ‘His work on computational algebraic number theory seems to have started when he visited Caltec in 1959 and collaborated with Taussky-Todd.’
    • ‘He worked on computational mathematics, developing general methods for solving the equations of mathematical physics by numerical means.’
    • ‘Repetition is a life line of computational mathematics.’
    • ‘Liu joined the Iowa State mathematics faculty in fall 2002 from UCLA, where he was an assistant professor of computational and applied mathematics.’
    • ‘They are supposed to do that on the basis of appropriate tactical validations found using mathematical models and computational problems.’
    • ‘The Candracchayaganita is written in thirty-one Sanskrit verses and explains the computational methods used to calculate the moon's zenith distance.’
    • ‘Their computational networks discover mathematical complexities far beyond the point reached by humans.’
    • ‘A variety of applications to extremal combinatorics and computational complexity are discussed, in addition to a number of open problems.’
    • ‘Mathematics, statistics, probability, and computational science all underpin this new way of thinking about life.’
    • ‘Empirical research and computational models in mental arithmetic established that, during mental calculation, features of problems affect children's strategy choices.’
    • ‘Fifty years ago, they decided to go out and pick up ‘an electrical desk-calculator and the services of a mathematician specifically trained in computational methods’.’
    • ‘The Soviets used his mathematical skills, for while he was there he solved computational problems concerning buildings.’
    • ‘At that time there was no mathematical theory of probability - only a collection of small computational problems.’
    • ‘They found that other parameterizations are often faster, largely because of the computational expense of the calculations involving the rotations.’
    • ‘However, this capacity comes from the subtle interplay between conscious and unconscious processes involved in choice, not from sole reliance on conscious computational processes.’
    • ‘Simplifying distant parts of the dendritic tree could thus substantially both ease and speed up the reconstruction process and enhance computational efficacy.’
    • ‘Although this can be visualized for bacteriorhodopsin, the calculation is a large computational undertaking.’
    • ‘Taussky found a way to reduce the amount of calculation, significantly easing the computational workload.’