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con trick

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informal British
another term for confidence trick
‘It's a con trick to argue that using quieter jets to increase night flights doesn't matter.’
  • ‘‘But the word is spreading that ‘housing choice’ is a con trick.’’
  • ‘If it does turn out that he has (apparently repeatedly) been the victim of a massive con trick, he might want to ponder if his own behaviour left him exposed.’
  • ‘Warnings have been given in the past about the con trick being used in the town, with people being urged to stand by machines where possible if they have a problem.’
  • ‘So if it is true that work is a gigantic con trick that we are now waking up to, the question remains: if we dismantle the job system, then what do we replace it with?’
  • ‘If that isn't a political con trick of the first order, I don't know what is.’
  • ‘So the beauty of blending is really something of a con trick, for its real purpose is to increase profits.’
  • ‘It could be the biggest con trick ever, but it cannot be ignored.’
  • ‘Yet, almost immediately that was shown to be a giant con trick.’
  • ‘There is also an aspect of the con trick about the whole thing.’
  • ‘Frankly, I am puzzled as to why so many people fall for the biggest con trick of the century.’
  • ‘If we go to a gallery and see four metres of framed white canvas, is it minimalism, or a con trick?’
  • ‘This is nothing but a con trick to keep it as a local road and force the local people to deal with the problem.’
  • ‘It is patently clear to me now that this current sorry state of affairs has been a carefully contrived con trick from day one.’
  • ‘Clubs need to be aware of this con trick otherwise they will be paying a high price.’
  • ‘Tenants in Camden have rejected this con trick and all the bullying and propaganda that came with it.’
  • ‘This one just has to rank as the most transparent con trick around.’
  • ‘Crime reduction officers are warning people in Tendring about a number of con tricks hitting the area.’
  • ‘It seems that sometimes the oldest con tricks are amongst the most successful.’