Meaning of concentric in English:


Pronunciation /kənˈsɛntrɪk/

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  • Of or denoting circles, arcs, or other shapes which share the same centre, the larger often completely surrounding the smaller.

    ‘concentric circles indicate distances of 1 km, 2 km, and 3 km from the centre’
    • ‘a universe consisting of concentric spheres or layers’
    • ‘the revolving circle is concentric with the fixed outer circle’
    • ‘It is Quaranth's misfortune to be a town that lies on one of three concentric circles that surround the tower.’
    • ‘A fringe of short parallel lines ran around the edge, and then a pair of concentric circles nearer the centre.’
    • ‘The cultural context of a map might be compared to a pattern of concentric circles surrounding the map.’
    • ‘This chart consisted of a series of concentric circles with the interviewee located at the centre spot.’
    • ‘One that really caught my attention was of three concentric circles with a vertical line bisecting them.’
    • ‘The Egyptian sand smooths behind him into vast concentric circles.’
    • ‘The rebel leader also prays within concentric circles drawn in ash or pebbles and has a choir of young girls, some dressed as nuns, to sing his praises.’
    • ‘You'll see the concentric circle in very many of the religious paintings, and also engravings further inland.’
    • ‘The authors provide a model comprising four concentric circles to explain newspaper change.’
    • ‘For so long I have been taught the concentric circles of Rick Warren and the process of moving people from community to core.’
    • ‘One painting is dense with cell-like concentric circles of rust against a flat gold surface.’
    • ‘Excavations in the interior revealed traces of a circular wooden building represented by six concentric circles of postholes.’
    • ‘The intricate figures that seem to dance in endless concentric circles and the white motifs in yellow and red are splendid.’
    • ‘The fish and bugs make concentric circles on its surface that are beautiful.’
    • ‘More than a hundred young men organised in ten concentric circles around seven to nine young men and a woman from the Kefaya demonstration.’
    • ‘Applause travelled in weird concentric circles around Soho Square with laughing and whistling and much moving about.’
    • ‘A series of concentric circles form the center of a beautifully symmetric pattern.’
    • ‘The mat is charged with odd symbols and glyphs arranged in a circle between two concentric rings.’
    • ‘Society had become a series of concentric circles drawn of thick, unbroken lines.’
    • ‘The hill here offers a striking view of the drained lake of Montady, the fields laid out in concentric circles like a message from space.’


Late Middle English from Old French concentrique or medieval Latin concentricus, from con- ‘together’ + centrum ‘centre’.