Meaning of concern troll in English:

concern troll


informal, derogatory
  • A person who disingenuously expresses concern about an issue with the intention of undermining or derailing genuine discussion.

    • ‘he is regarded among climate scientists as a concern troll’
    • ‘It looks like a contingent of concern trolls has hit the comments section of that article.’
    • ‘But this is par for the course with him, the law's most enduring concern troll.’
    • ‘Reporters, pundits, and concern trolls in the media fret that the politician has had to move too far right.’
    • ‘As for the concern trolls thinking that some billionaire will now control all the documents, clearly you haven't followed his career.’
    • ‘She will pose as the concern troll for the beleaguered middle class while continuing to fill the investors' punch bowl with pricey booze.’
    • ‘What is it about baseball that brings out the concern trolls?’
    • ‘He made a lamentable decision to make a professional concern troll his chief writer on climate.’
    • ‘Your last question suggests, as has been indicated earlier, that you are a concern troll.’
    • ‘The primary concern troll was a guy who'd been around since the very beginning of the site.’
    • ‘Hundreds of concern trolls out there are just waiting for episodes of the show to air so that they can eagerly point out everything that's wrong.’