Meaning of concern trolling in English:

concern trolling


mass nouninformal, derogatory
  • The action or practice of disingenuously expressing concern about an issue in order to undermine or derail genuine discussion.

    ‘there seems to be a lot of concern trolling in the second half of this article’
    ‘his comment and others like it have frequently been dismissed as concern trolling’
    • ‘Bit of concern trolling here on your part methinks.’
    • ‘This is concern trolling, intended entirely to start whispers of "He's too fat to be President!"’
    • ‘Sounds like your ridiculous concern trolling worked.’
    • ‘Take your concern trolling elsewhere, old son.’
    • ‘He quickly found the press on his side - once again - as they exhibited the usual hand wringing and concern trolling.’
    • ‘The network host tweeted her disgust at the open victim blaming and concern trolling by her male colleague.’
    • ‘Their stances on composting, bike lanes and oil supertankers maintain this pose of progressive concern trolling.’
    • ‘I certainly don't enjoy watching this, nor do I relish the avalanche of concern trolling that came with it.’
    • ‘Wow, what a bunch of unsubstantiated concern trolling and political nonsense on display!’
    • ‘Doesn't it bother you that one of the Moderators of this blog, publicly shot you down for concern trolling earlier today?’