Meaning of concrete poetry in English:

concrete poetry


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mass noun
  • Poetry in which the meaning or effect is conveyed partly or wholly by visual means, using patterns of words or letters and other typographical devices.

    ‘He created a style of concrete poetry in which visual presentation of words on the page predominates.’
    • ‘The products are expansive and varied but the show cohesively focuses on avant-garde strategies of visual poetics and concrete poetry.’
    • ‘This genre intersects the literary avant-garde, visual and concrete poetry, text-based installations, net art, software art, and netspeak.’
    • ‘He even begins to play with words, with phonemes, with letters, in the manner of concrete poetry.’
    • ‘The single major exception to this regularity is a helical swirl of very short lines around the word ‘stairwell’, which approaches the direct mimesis of concrete poetry.’