Meaning of concreteness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɒŋkriːtnəs/

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See concrete

‘The cinema, as a representational medium, achieves its force through the act of discovering and revealing reality in its concreteness and materiality.’
  • ‘What he found was a hybrid and rather unsystematic cluster of useful ideas; what he did was give them concreteness and actuality, a local habitation and a name.’
  • ‘With his usual lack of concreteness, however, he neglects to point out that the most important present challenge to this country comes from the danger of terrorism itself and the priorities it imposes on us.’
  • ‘But I expect some degree of veracity, of concreteness from renderings; they inform and set my expectation of the experience and presence of the architecture.’
  • ‘The substance was getting there (though it still needs a lot of work), but it was missing vigor, concreteness, punch.’