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Pronunciation /kənˈdɛnst/

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  • 1Made denser or more concise; compressed or concentrated.

    ‘a condensed version of the report’
    • ‘Limiting the number of series Vick will play will free him to be responsible for only a condensed version of the weekly game plan.’
    • ‘Song downloads will be limited to a catalogue of 500 mobile mixes, or condensed versions lasting 90 to 120 seconds.’
    • ‘A condensed version of this article previously appeared in the quarterly newsletter of the International Association of Space Entrepreneurs.’
    • ‘There follows a very condensed summary of events.’
    • ‘"With these new guidelines, parents can easily sort through carefully selected and condensed information to figure out what is best to feed their infants and toddlers."’
    • ‘A condensed and informative overview of the career of this outstanding German master is given by Peter Blundell Jones in this paperback monograph.’
    • ‘The History of Language is a necessarily condensed account, aimed at the general reader, of the principles that underlie comparative philology.’
    • ‘Despite some slightly rough edges in the acting department, this condensed adaptation is moving and beautifully staged.’
    • ‘The script used is Potter's own condensed and Americanised version of the BBC's, written, according to Humphrey Carpenter's fine biography, in 1990.’
    • ‘The book also includes an admirably condensed and clear introduction to the basic knowledge on fairytales and their study and can be recommended to any beginning folklore student.’
    • ‘A condensed and edited transcript of the conversation follows.’
    • ‘He states clearly the premisses of his argument, but the argument itself is very condensed and I do not find it easy to follow.’
    • ‘As international cricket tours become increasingly condensed, the scheduling of warm-up and practice matches is ever more complicated and important.’
    • ‘This highly condensed biography allows little room for analysis.’
    1. 1.1(of a liquid) thickened by heating to reduce the water content; concentrated.
      ‘condensed soup’
      • ‘It tasted like there was some condensed tomato soup in there.’
      • ‘Condensed soups are pretty much just cans of flavour.’
      • ‘Add condensed soup and half-and-half or milk to the bowl with the stuffing mixture in the bowl; stir to blend.’
      • ‘Sales of condensed soups in those familiar red cans have stagnated.’
      • ‘It's a condensed sauce of peas, stock, garlic and seasonings that can be frozen and then made into soups.’
      • ‘In addition to cheese, the plant manufactures fractionated whey products, sweet cream, whey cream, condensed whey and water.’
      • ‘After about two minutes add two cans of condensed beef consommé with enough water to bring it to about 3 cups of liquid.’
      concentrated, evaporated, thick, thickened, reduced
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  • 2Changed from a gas or vapour to a liquid.

    ‘droplets of condensed moisture’
    • ‘The high velocity allows condensed droplets to move out of the way so that new ones can form.’
    • ‘A funnel cloud is formed by condensed water droplets when accompanied by a rotating column of wind.’
    • ‘Condensed water is called dew when it forms on a solid surface.’
    • ‘As masonry surfaces tend to chill and collect condensed moisture, painting early in the morning and late afternoon should be avoided except in dry climates.’
    • ‘Since the oils do not mix with water, they are easy to recover from the condensed liquid.’