Meaning of conscientious objector in English:

conscientious objector


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  • A person who for reasons of conscience objects to complying with a particular requirement, especially serving in the armed forces.

    ‘She put several political leaders who didn't agree with her in jail years before politicians started swarming to cells for reasons other than being conscientious objectors.’
    • ‘In the past, sedition charges have been brought against unionists, conscientious objectors, and those advocating unpopular or ‘unpatriotic’ political causes.’
    • ‘She was a pacifist and a conscientious objector and served the sentence after refusing to pay the £2 fine imposed on her.’
    • ‘He was a radical Englishman, a conscientious objector and one-time Marxist who believed that a more modern newspaper would attract a new, more democratic reader.’
    • ‘Pacifists and conscientious objectors were, however, tolerated, and organisations like the Federal Pacifist Council continued to work for reconciliation and reconstruction.’
    • ‘Both claiming conscientious objection and counseling conscientious objectors were actions that broke sharply with American Catholic tradition.’
    • ‘But during their time in prison the conscientious objectors considered the judge's final words.’
    • ‘She became even more outspoken in her pacifism and support of conscientious objectors.’
    • ‘The law says you don't have to be a pacifist to be a conscientious objector.’
    • ‘He was also, in the First World War, a conspicuous conscientious objector.’
    • ‘The story of the castle, including its modern history - during the First World War, conscientious objectors were imprisoned there - is told in a hands-on virtual reality exhibition in the visitor centre.’
    • ‘The principle that conscientious objectors should, by definition, be pacifists who object to all violence was established in the first world war.’
    • ‘But our democracy has hardly thrown up any conscientious objectors.’
    • ‘He didn't, however, follow through with his desire to be a conscientious objector, he says, because the unit chaplain discouraged him.’
    • ‘However, we do not believe that it would be sensible to make specific provision in the Bill for conscientious objectors, if only for the reason that any new arrangements would also have to consider the regular forces.’
    • ‘Government may certainly accede to religious lobbying for secular reasons, as when it allows conscientious objectors out of the draft.’
    • ‘A group of conscientious objectors yesterday lost their attempt to challenge the legality of the government's refusal to allow them to opt out of paying taxes to fund military operations, and pay the money, instead, on other policies.’
    • ‘He was one of only three people who supported me in the General Assembly when I urged the church to resist the government's decision to deprive all conscientious objectors of civil voting rights in the election two years later.’
    • ‘They represent the 16 conscientious objectors kept in the castle for six weeks in 1916 before being sent to France, where they were given the opportunity to carry out non-combatant duties.’
    • ‘Doctors who object to being involved in terminations could refuse to do so as conscientious objectors.’