Meaning of consequentially in English:


Pronunciation /kɒnsɪˈkwɛnʃəli/


See consequential

‘Proponents of intelligent design take comfort in the idea that nature has been directed and that, consequentially, human beings are not the result of a random series of genetic accidents.’
  • ‘Perversely this album recalls neither the studied club groove nor the agreeably dark pop embraced by its predecessor, and consequentially sounds strangely more accessible.’
  • ‘We are detached from the characters and consequentially any moral or political dilemmas they might represent don't make themselves felt as an experience of watching the film.’
  • ‘The deep recession experienced by Britain in common with much of the rest of the world meant that demand for labour was weak and the economic attractions of migration consequentially limited.’
  • ‘Nothing effects our lives so consequentially as the choices we make with respect to where and how we live, study, how we choose a career, marriage, or investments that are in our best interest.’