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Pronunciation /ˌkɒnsəˈveɪʃn/

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mass noun
  • 1Prevention of wasteful use of a resource.

    ‘they launched a week-long campaign to promote energy conservation’
    • ‘Broader efforts to cut back sprawl and promote energy conservation are just as important as personal economies.’
    • ‘All the scientists I've talked to tell me that the best we can expect is to meet about 25 percent of our energy needs with renewable resources and conservation.’
    • ‘However, there have been few attempts to base modern policies of resource conservation and management on customary ways of doing things.’
    • ‘More of these crop dollars chasing crop production must be used instead to stimulate resource conservation.’
    • ‘The government team in charge of promoting energy conservation has no campaign budget and with three members to handle the issue nationwide, are short of staff.’
    • ‘Environmentalists worry that such thinking fosters lax attitudes about earthly issues like global warming and resource conservation.’
    • ‘This would require significant readjustments to our lifestyles, including a shift from private to public transport, and a major drive towards energy and resource conservation.’
    • ‘The festival also raises awareness about composting, waste prevention, energy conservation, alternative architecture and local and organic food production.’
    • ‘Let's talk about energy use, conservation of resources and actually being innovative rather than sentimental about what cities in the 21st century might be.’
    • ‘It would solve real problems: energy conservation, sick-building syndrome, resource depletion.’
    • ‘Organizers plan to continue the energy conservation and tourist promotion program for at least the next 51 weeks.’
    • ‘The festival will also raise awareness about natural health therapies, composting, waste prevention, energy conservation and alternative architecture.’
    • ‘The Councillor also asked if the Government would consider further promoting energy conservation, in a bid to get people using less power.’
    • ‘The key is conservation of resources above all else.’
    • ‘So, we might ask, how do we know how to strike a balance between conservation of resources for the future, and consumption today?’
    • ‘Next year we will be working on a transmedia project that deals with the intersection of energy conservation and personal lifestyle.’
    • ‘Issues of future adaptability, energy conservation and economy of construction have all been addressed.’
    • ‘They hope to do so by developing alternative energy sources, promoting energy conservation and supporting clean energy production.’
    • ‘The package emphasizes energy conservation, organic certification, better environmental accounting and environmental legal aid.’
    • ‘And some have gone even further, fighting waste by taxing landfill space or encouraging conservation by taxing electricity and water.’
    conservation, careful management, good housekeeping, economy, thrift, thriftiness, frugality
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    1. 1.1Preservation, protection, or restoration of the natural environment and of wildlife.
      with modifier ‘nature conservation’
      • ‘Founded in 1938, their overall objective is to promote environmental protection and nature conservation nationally and internationally.’
      • ‘The library will also organise a special display of books and CDs on the special theme of nature conservation and environmental protection.’
      • ‘It would be naive to suggest that such views of the land represent the practice of a perfect natural form of wildlife conservation.’
      • ‘Environmental protection and biodiversity conservation is the shared responsibility of all Australians.’
      • ‘Awareness on environment and conservation of wildlife seems to have become a compulsory theme in cultural programmes in leading schools in Bangalore.’
      • ‘Now most people think that ecological awareness and environmental conservation depends on what we know scientifically about the natural world.’
      • ‘Apart from haze issues, the ministers will discuss the coastal marine environment, nature conservation and biodiversity.’
      • ‘At 73, few could match his single-minded devotion to the cause of conservation and environment protection.’
      • ‘Keystone forests, thanks to their large intact area and health, are ideal candidates for increased protection, conservation and restoration.’
      • ‘Her work on environmental matters, conservation and protection of endangered species ranks high on her list of endless worthwhile endeavors.’
      • ‘His remarks could be considered a challenge to the mainstream discourses of forest use and aforestation, nature conservation and protection.’
      • ‘They fear the proposal will damage wildlife and nature conservation and that motorised vehicles will endanger people who already use country paths.’
      • ‘It is in this regard that zoological parks play a vital role in helping people comprehend the importance of ecological and wildlife conservation.’
      • ‘After his formal retirement in 1974, Dan made significant contributions to urban wildlife ecology and conservation.’
      • ‘Other than this, the group intends to promote wise use of the land through the conservation of the natural environment.’
      • ‘Their dreams of development did not involve the conservation of the natural environment.’
      • ‘The key to Kerala tourism's sweepstakes is the protection and conservation of the bio-diversity of its amazing natural resources.’
      • ‘It exposes students to research that addresses issues of conservation and management of wildlife populations.’
      • ‘As a bonus, the elephants are in a place that helps educate the public on the need for habitat protection, resource management, and wildlife conservation.’
      • ‘Nature, conservation, and environmentalism are presented as interchangeable.’
      preservation, protection, safeguarding, safe keeping, keeping, guarding, saving, looking after
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    2. 1.2Preservation and repair of archaeological, historical, and cultural sites and artefacts.
      ‘the artworks in the collection need indexing and conservation’
      • ‘In the last 10 years, over 30 posts for archaeological conservation in museums and other public bodies have been lost.’
      • ‘Unsurprisingly, opportunities for archaeological conservation are regularly missed.’
      • ‘That is in keeping with its purpose to promote the identification, protection, preservation, and conservation of historical and cultural heritage in New Zealand.’
      • ‘The government also faces difficulty in financing the conservation of cultural sites and keeping their contents safe from theft and smuggling, he said.’
      • ‘One of the hard tasks to be done involves historical conservation to retain, preserve and enhance Shanghai's local culture.’
      • ‘The availability of grants in contributing towards the repairs and conservation of historic buildings has been very significant.’
      • ‘The City wants to strengthen the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage collections and built assets, he says.’
      • ‘She said it was a very significant project as there was a growing global concern on the issue concerning conservation of cultural heritage on living sacred sites.’
      • ‘Ironically among the largest grants made was for archaeology, museum conservation and the teaching of ancient Mesopotamian languages.’
      • ‘As a member of the National Council of Monuments of Culture, he has over thirty years of experience in conservation of historical monuments and buildings.’
      • ‘To my mind, conservation of historic landscapes has long been a material consideration in planning decisions.’
      • ‘With projects ranging from country houses in Ireland to the Great Wall of China, the World Monuments Fund has been a pioneer in the conservation of historic sites since its foundations in New York forty years ago.’
      • ‘Collections care will be vastly improved and the plans include a conservation suite on site that will provide faster and safer repair and conservation for heritage items.’
      • ‘He welcomed the European Commission's proposal to relocate funding to rural areas for production of organic foods, conservation of cultural heritage and traditions.’
      • ‘The National Trust also involves volunteers in the physical conservation of sites and monuments.’
      • ‘The Venice Charter codified acceptable universal principles and practices for the conservation of historic monuments.’
      • ‘Yet conservation of this heritage is a century behind terrestrial archaeology, and as public fascination with it increases, so do the threats.’
      • ‘It aims to further the appreciation of such buildings through an understanding of their architectural and historic value and the purpose, philosophy and techniques of conservation.’
      • ‘Is this trend merely due to cultural conservation, or is it also bound up with the particular development of German society?’
      • ‘Their plans feature conservation of the archaeological remains such as the blast furnace complex.’
      maintenance, repair, repairs, service, servicing, care, aftercare, preservation, conservation, running
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  • 2Physics
    The principle by which the total value of a physical quantity or parameter (such as energy, mass, linear or angular momentum) remains constant in a system which is not subject to external influence.

    ‘Early models of the atom treated the atom as a solar system and used the idea of angular momentum conservation to explain its stability.’
    • ‘Because of conservation of angular momentum, the globes will resist any change in their orientation.’
    • ‘An easy experiment is to reduce the cross section of a pipe in one region, making a so-called diffuser that produces large local flow velocities due to mass flux conservation.’
    • ‘This is typical of a tunneling transition, which is forbidden by energy conservation in classical physics and hence has no expansion around a classical limit.’
    • ‘In the nineteen twenties various experiments revealed what appeared to be a violation of the principle of energy conservation at the atomic level.’


Late Middle English from Latin conservatio(n-), from the verb conservare (see conserve).