Significado de consociate en en Inglés


Pronunciación /kɒnˈsəʊʃɪət/ /kɒnˈsəʊsɪət/


  • A partner or associate.

    ‘It is with contemporaries and consociates that most of my social traffic occurs.’
    • ‘The support of consociates, who share a common work history, has enabled them "to place their lives in perspective.’
    • ‘This face-to-face relationship between consociates need not be especially intimate.’
    • ‘Consociates are mutually involved in one another's biography.’
    • ‘This case, which was well watched by the hospital obstetric clerk, and his consociate, Mr. Davy, was a very interesting one.’
    partner, colleague, co-worker, fellow worker, workmate, compatriot, comrade, friend, ally, supporter, wingman, confederate, connection, contact, acquaintance


Late Middle English (as an adjective in the sense ‘associated’): from Latin consociatus ‘joined in action’, from the verb consociare, from con ‘together’ + socius ‘sharing, allied’.