Meaning of conspiracist in English:




  • A person who supports a conspiracy theory.

    ‘there are conspiracists who think that the moon landings were a hoax’
    • ‘But that hasn't dissuaded a loose-knit coterie of online conspiracists, antiwar activists and Democratic Party operatives from keeping the draft rumor alive.’
    • ‘The better known, though still mysterious, Catholic organisation Opus Dei, long a staple of conspiracists, also features prominently.’
    • ‘At the end, we were left with the unasked question: which are more wearingly tedious, secret loonies who try to walk through walls or whiny conspiracists who live to discover them?’
    • ‘The conspiracists have worked themselves into a frenzy in recent months.’
    • ‘But none of this will deter conspiracists in the region and elsewhere.’
    • ‘The fact that it has taken Labour conspiracists so long to start plotting is another indication of his dominance of the party.’
    • ‘Because he discusses the Illuminati's influence on the Enlightenment, some readers have accused him of being a conspiracist.’
    • ‘Of course, a conspiracist might think that this mess is exactly what they wanted in order to bust up the union a bit.’
    • ‘In other words, if one points to some seeming objection to a conspiracy theory, the conspiracist will say ‘But that was planted by the conspirators themselves to mislead you.’’
    • ‘And since adolescence I've been fascinated by conspiracy theories, and conspiracy theorists, both as a phenomenon in and of themselves and for what conspiracists say about our culture in general.’
    • ‘The autopsy on his body revealed that he had extremely high levels of alcohol and medication in his bloodstream, so most conspiracists claim that he was drugged in order to cause a deadly accident.’
    • ‘Although if you ask me, or any committed conspiracist, something is rotten in the state of Sweden.’