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Pronunciation /ˈkɒnsjʊlət/

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  • 1The building in which a consul's duties are carried out.

    ‘he called at the consulate in Palestine to pick up a visa’
    • ‘The company has lately moved into embassy building by constructing bug-free consulates for U.S. diplomats in Kyrgyzstan and Guinea-Bissau.’
    • ‘Yet despite this, both consulates were rather attractive buildings: cool and breezy, with intricately carved banisters and fine teak panelling.’
    • ‘Besides consulting embassies and consulates in China, companies with wide human resources experience will also call universities to confirm the qualifications of applicants for jobs.’
    • ‘Presiding over all this and much more, including the embassies, consulates and high commissions overseas, are the ‘mandarins’.’
    • ‘Each major city/town will have branch offices, in much the same way as you have high commissions/embassies and consulates.’
    • ‘Because of his press duties at the consulate, Chen was often quoted by name in various U.S. newspaper articles, from the Las Vegas Sun to the Los Angeles Times.’
    • ‘The main building of the consulate had been undergoing extensive refurbishment at the time of the attack and many staff were working in outbuildings within the complex.’
    • ‘Other demonstrators climbed up the buildings outside the consulate and burned Japanese flags.’
    • ‘There was talk of converting the building into the Pakistan consulate but that did not materialise.’
    • ‘Principally, their activities are carried out through embassies and consulates, although some, such as the US and Australia, are believed to have intelligence officers on the ground.’
    • ‘New York Daily News said the buildings that housed the 289 missions and consulates in the city were immune from city property taxes as long as the space was used for diplomatic purposes.’
    • ‘The surrounding buildings are the embassies and consulates of the nations of the world.’
    • ‘A majority of these are based in France and represent French embassies and consulates as well as provide health information for travellers and tourist guides.’
    • ‘Two North Korean men, who had previously dashed into a consulate building, were also forcibly removed by Chinese police.’
    • ‘Beginning Oct.1, 2004, the new law allows for U.S. citizenship applications to be finalized at U.S. embassies, consulates and selected military bases overseas.’
    • ‘Is it not possible for us to achieve the same mission by establishing consulates in some of the places?’
    • ‘The federal agents asked Mr Roche why he videoed No Stopping and Loading signs outside the consulate building in York Street in Sydney.’
    • ‘They also burned some of Koizumi's pictures and the poster of the shrine outside the building where the consulate is located.’
    • ‘The Indonesian Ambassador, Imron Cotan, says the Federal Police have boosted security at Indonesia's Embassy and consulates around Australia.’
    • ‘These poor unfortunate refugees can only seek refuge through legitimate means by applying to embassies, consulates or the United Nations Commission for Refugees for refugee status.’
    diplomatic mission, mission, embassy, consulate, ministry, delegation, deputation, representation, contingent, commission
    embassy, consulate, diplomatic establishment
    1. 1.1The office or position of a consul.
      ‘Then I called up Winston Churchill, who, at the age of 114, had been assigned to an insignificant position at the British consulate in Los Angeles.’
      • ‘With her trademark tenacity, she spent two hours on the phone from her office and the British consulate, getting to ear-bash the woman in charge of the mobile phone division and get a foot in the headquarters door.’
      • ‘Figures on how many had voted were not available as many Americans would have cast their ballot through their home-state election offices, said the consulate.’
      • ‘The foreign press had been pre-emptively expelled from the city, but much of the direct evidence of what then happened was provided via radio transmitter operated by the United States consulate.’
      • ‘The guide was endorsed by Denver's Mexican consulate, but it also contained a welcome message from Colorado Governor Bill Owens who says he thought it was advice for legal immigrants.’
      • ‘U.S. African-American leaders responded with outrage, including Al Sharpton, who went to New York's Mexican consulate to demand an apology.’
      • ‘The author relies most strongly on a memo from the Los Angeles consulate to Tokyo from May 1941.’
      • ‘It was run by the New York consulate, which hosts about eight of these type events every year.’
      • ‘The Advocate's telephone calls to the army's press offices in Israel and to the Israeli consulate in New York City were not returned.’
      • ‘At the moment, consulate head Zhou Xiaoming says that inbound investment from China into Australia is greater than current investment by Australians into China.’
      • ‘When making your request, please consider the time it takes for delivery of an airmail letter and that visa applications take time to be processed by your local embassy or consulate.’
      • ‘Staffing has increased since Croatia broke away from Yugoslavia and the former Zagreb consulate became a full-fledged embassy.’
      • ‘If the latter, perhaps a call to the embassy or consulate?’
      • ‘And also in Boston, out of the British consulate, is biotech specialist Alice Pomponio, whose position is part funded by Scottish Enterprise.’
      • ‘The consulate also hopes to regularize the position of Filipino servants working in Shanghai as soon as possible.’
      • ‘Complaints about these sweeps aroused the ire of not only the activists, but the Mexican government, whose LA consulate expressed its displeasure in no uncertain terms.’
      • ‘China's consulate in New York has voiced dismay over the acquittal of a U.S. border officer accused of beating a Chinese tourist and said it would closely monitor the progress of her civil lawsuit.’
      • ‘Britain's consulate in Shanghai did not usually interfere with the Shanghai Municipal Council in its financial management and related regulations.’
      • ‘Indian passport holders applying for visas outside India should obtain a statement from their local embassy or consulate confirming that they had no criminal record.’
  • 2 historical The period of office of a Roman consul.

    ‘It so impressed such an authority as Cicero that he begged Posidonius to write up his cherished consulate.’
    • ‘Although the inscription on the pediment declares, "M. Agrippa, son of Lucius, Consul during his third consulate, built this," it was actually Hadrian who built the Pantheon as a rotunda.’
    • ‘In 23 BC, Octavian gave up the consulate, but the senate forced him to keep power over the provinces.’
    1. 2.1the consulateThe system of government by consuls in ancient Rome.
      ‘Should however the revolution turn into the directorate, the consulate and then the empire, you may come round and lynch us.’
      • ‘In 63 BC, when Cicero was consul, Catiline put himself forward for the consulate for the next year, and there were rumours that he planned to kill Cicero during the elections in the Campus Martius.’
      • ‘The latter had once commanded the praetorians and had been rewarded with the decorations of the consulate.’
  • 3the ConsulateThe government of the first French republic (1799–1804) by three consuls.


Late Middle English (denoting the government of Rome by consuls): from Latin consulatus, from consul (see consul).