Meaning of consumer society in English:

consumer society


  • A society in which the buying and selling of goods and services is the most important social and economic activity.

    ‘the consumer society with its all-pervasive materialism’
    • ‘Consumers should be able to vent at poor service, it is an incredibly important part of a consumer society.’
    • ‘We were transformed, beginning that period, from a producer society into a consumer society.’
    • ‘We went from a producer society to a consumer society, living on the poor of the world.’
    • ‘The pressure of everyday living, and the consumer society in which we live makes it either necessary or tempting for many people to do just that - to mortgage their future.’
    • ‘By the twentieth century, the company found itself playing a declining role in the maturing consumer society.’
    • ‘A consumer society consumes a lot more than it needs.’
    • ‘There is an important message here for a consumer society like ours, where people are always eating or drinking while they walk.’
    • ‘This strand of consumer activism saw consumer society - or at least its dominant characteristics - as the enemy.’
    • ‘Politics were to be about status and money: conspicuous consumption and display side by side with denunciations of the consumer society.’
    • ‘Being part of a consumer society increasingly means buying into a perpetual consume-and-chuck-it happy hour that is unsustainable.’
    • ‘At the end of the nineteenth century popular culture depicted gender relations in flux as the family economy began to give way to the consumer society.’
    • ‘We live in a consumer society, and we need to consume in order to interact.’
    • ‘We went toward a consumer society, rather than being the greatest productive power on this planet.’
    • ‘The irony of Hit List is that relative to a lot of the soulless, depressing jobs people do in a consumer society, assassination really can seem like nice work if you can get it.’
    • ‘Rejection of the consumer society or demands for increased productivity?’
    • ‘Over the next few weeks, we'll be struggling around sweaty shopping malls, trying to ward off option fatigue and, worse, horror at the sheer wastefulness of our consumer society.’
    • ‘So utilitarianism really if taken seriously actually is a very unselfish doctrine and really would cut very much against the trend of the consumer society in affluent nations.’
    • ‘They brought reading to the masses, advertising to the masses, they led to the invention of the magazine, and ultimately to our consumer society.’
    • ‘The consumer society is bound for a violent death.’
    • ‘If our consumer society wasn't so greedy and grasping, and if the rules of international trade weren't so twisted against the have-nots, perhaps they would have a chance.’