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contact sport


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  • A sport in which the participants necessarily come into bodily contact with one another.

    ‘rugby is a contact sport and there are inevitably going to be injuries’
    • ‘Football is a contact sport in which you get bumped and banged the whole time.’
    • ‘It's too bad that basketball has become such a contact sport that players are rewarded for being pumped up on steroids or resorting to playground style aggression.’
    • ‘Murderball is an unofficial term for the game recognised by the Paralympics as quadriplegic rugby - an aggressive contact sport played on indoor courts by tough men in customised wheelchairs.’
    • ‘If your pregnancy is going smoothly, you are not physically limited - unless you participate in a strenuous sport like fencing, kickboxing or a contact sport, such as soccer.’
    • ‘Last time we checked, Gaelic football was still a contact sport.’
    • ‘But what's the attraction of a heavy contact sport for these men who are past their physical prime?’
    • ‘There's finally a contact sport that's interested in blending brain and brawn.’
    • ‘In the end though, Lauren does compete in a contact sport, and so injury must always be a serious risk.’
    • ‘Even if you are in a contact sport like rugby, boxing or karate, you should know when your body needs a rest.’
    • ‘While potentially dangerous, field hockey is not a contact sport like ice hockey, but spectators will appreciate its subtleties and fast pace.’
    • ‘Australian Rules football is a collision contact sport with speed, strength, and agility demands similar to those of rugby or American football.’
    • ‘For example, if hemophilia prevents your child from participating in a contact sport, he or she can still be a part of the team as the scorekeeper or assistant manager.’
    • ‘Rugby is a contact sport, and injuries are as much part of the game as cauliflower ears and post-match pints.’
    • ‘The camps educate coaches and players on as fair and safe a way as possible to play that game, considering it is a contact sport.’
    • ‘Rugby is a contact sport that involves physical collisions among its players.’
    • ‘Roller derby wasn't a contact sport when it was invented in the 1930s.’
    • ‘As football is increasingly becoming a contact sport, fractures, cuts and bruises are common injuries.’
    • ‘The full contact sport, in which heavily armored wheelchairs are used to make crushing ‘tackles’, is the fastest growing wheelchair sport in the world.’
    • ‘It is a non contact sport which the children really enjoy.’
    • ‘It is a rugged contact sport that demands great horsemanship, balance and ball-handling skills from the human combatants.’