Meaning of contactless in English:



  • Relating to or involving technologies that allow a smart card, mobile phone, etc. to contact wirelessly to an electronic reader, typically in order to make a payment.

    ‘the bank reported more than a million contactless transactions this year’
    • ‘Smart card technology has evolved to the point where many systems are contactless.’
    • ‘Despite the possible security benefits, there is likely to be pushback for contactless payments from even more retailers, she said.’
    • ‘With more than a decade of contactless payment experience, the company has delivered tens of millions of chips to the market.’
    • ‘The outgrowth is something called "contactless payment" - already available at a gas pump or tollbooth near you.’
    • ‘The current crop of contactless chips have a read rate eight times higher than contact chips.’
    • ‘To expand the "contactless" services around the nation, the organization will launch its "PayPass" payment technology today.’
    • ‘Your typical contactless smart card has a range of about ten inches.’
    • ‘Its contactless charging pad delivers electric power through the air.’
    • ‘A contactless smart card works in proximity to a reader.’
    • ‘It's a shield designed to protect contactless smart cards from surreptitious access.’
    • ‘Like other "contactless" smartcards, the user simply has to place their phone near a reader to exchange information.’
    • ‘Instead they will use contactless credit cards, which they will swipe across a magnetic reader fitted on 20 machines in the West End early next year.’
    • ‘The ad shows a man leaving work, and going home on a waterslide, passing contactless payment points along the way.’
    • ‘Some of the nation's biggest merchants have begun to accept contactless payment cards.’
    • ‘This process uses a dynamic authentication code that changes each time the contactless card is used based on a unique algorithm.’
    • ‘And think about the immediate point of the contactless biometric visa, the contactless biometric passport, and the nature of progress.’
    • ‘The standardization and security problems associated with contactless cards seem to be much more serious.’
    • ‘Smart cards in both contact and contactless mode may be used to securely control such physical and logical access.’
    • ‘Also, having to take the card out of the shield every time you want to use it negates much of the convenience of a contactless card.’
    • ‘If contactless cards are ever to become a mass payment system, the card schemes need to work together to create common standards.’