Meaning of contagious abortion in English:

contagious abortion


mass noun
  • A type of brucellosis which causes spontaneous abortion in cattle.

    ‘Dr. Bang, a Danish veterinarian, isolated a cousin organism causing contagious abortion in cattle in 1897.’
    • ‘As part of a national health program dating back to 1934, some calves are vaccinated for brucellosis, sometimes called ‘contagious abortion’ or ‘Bang's disease.’’
    • ‘The disease is also known as contagious abortion or Bang's disease in livestock.’
    • ‘Furthermore, contagious abortion has been found in the elk so that some calves may be lost as a result of this disease.’
    • ‘Study discusses the causes and treatments of contagious abortion, when the young is cast out of the womb before it is fully developed and capable of separate existence.’