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Pronunciation /kənˈteɪnm(ə)nt/

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mass noun
  • 1The action of keeping something harmful under control or within limits.

    ‘the containment of the epidemic’
    • ‘And she hopes to see a move toward closed containment within the next three to five years.’
    • ‘The wall, in conjunction with the low-permeability formation, provides containment of the material within the wall.’
    • ‘Risk containment and control can be achieved when people are allowed to learn from past errors.’
    • ‘Sprinklers control fire risk much like a high degree of physical containment does.’
    • ‘The fires are still burning in northeast Victoria but they seem to be within the containment lines.’
    • ‘Network controllers have long argued for the ethical containment of viral code.’
    • ‘I think there needs to be some kind of line in the sand drawn, there needs to be containment for these children.’
    • ‘At every farm, bears could be seen with wounds or scars to the face, head, paws and back because of the friction caused by containment.’
    • ‘The successful containment of the SARS outbreak was therefore due to both the efficiency of quarantine and the nature of the virus itself.’
    • ‘But the key error I see in the argument is about our ability to sustain containment over time.’
    • ‘Cost containment is a prerequisite, otherwise the gains of the last decade could be put in jeopardy, said the report.’
    • ‘The lure of islands, the way I see it, is a promise of containment, be it of your happiness or your misery.’
    • ‘All I am told is that the risk is low, and containment easy.’
    • ‘I think the only viable solutions would either be strict containment of economic migrants, or widespread dispersal.’
    • ‘Its construction helped to make processing and containment here a lot easier.’
    • ‘It has leapt out of its containment and so become volatile.’
    • ‘I'm going to make my way to the control room and disengage the magnetic containment field.’
    • ‘She added that the close containment of the infection at the units was due to the enormous input of staff of all disciplines.’
    • ‘A capping and topsoil layer will then be used to cover the whole site to ensure containment of waste in the long term and to sustain vegetation.’
    • ‘With careful, economic and compelling prose they follow the virus from its first emergence to its containment.’
    1. 1.1The action or policy of preventing the expansion of a hostile country or influence.
      ‘a policy of containment and negotiation was the appropriate course of action’
      • ‘It's time for a policy of containment, which I hereby revise to include a blockade.’
      • ‘A policy of containment and deterrence has worked up until now.’
      • ‘They've had no new weapons system for a decade due to the policy of containment.’
      • ‘And make no mistake, we don't have anyone who can dominate him, so a policy of containment is the best that we can hope for.’
      • ‘It has to be essentially a policy of containment, of making the countries concerned more attractive to their own peoples.’
      • ‘Another reason for bringing about a regime change is the cost of maintaining the current policy of containment.’
      • ‘There's no peace agreement, no policy of containment or deterrence that works to deal with this threat.’
      • ‘Even in those circumstances, war might well have been unwise compared to a policy of containment.’
      • ‘Shelly felt that a policy of containment and negotiation was the appropriate course of action.’
      • ‘It suggests a policy of urban containment boundaries is one means of avoiding haphazard growth throughout the region.’
      • ‘And a strategy of global containment is not really a major departure in policy.’
      • ‘To be sure, there are situations in which containment is an entirely appropriate policy.’
      • ‘Today we have the tattered remnants of a containment policy, which was reasonably effective for a few years.’
      • ‘In sum, dual containment remains the correct short-term policy in that region.’
      • ‘Postconflict containment by means of sanctions is mostly a failed policy, and its costs are enormous.’
      • ‘A necessary corollary of the westward expansion of the frontier was the western containment of its indigenous population.’
      • ‘So, containment works when we pile 200,000 troops on his border but promise not to attack.’
      • ‘Opponents of war are making the case that containment works.’
      • ‘History tells us that deterrence and containment are the only answers.’
      • ‘Senior aides say containment is a modest and achievable goal, a prelude to more progress.’