Meaning of contentedness in English:


Pronunciation /kənˈtɛntɪdnəs/

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‘We are conscious too of where we stand on the scale of contentedness or satisfaction or fulfilment or plain happiness.’
  • ‘In his polo-neck jumper and jeans there is a casual ease to him, however, a satisfied contentedness.’
  • ‘Happiness is contentedness, whereas joy is about electricity.’
  • ‘When I woke up this morning I felt a great happiness and contentedness, until I realised it had all been a dream.’
  • ‘Because I believe that economic success inspires ambition and appetite in national leaders, not sanguinity or contentedness.’
  • ‘Regardless, the taste buds remain the ultimate authority, and there is a certain contentedness found only in the folds of butter-fried dumplings.’
  • ‘And though I love the bloated contentedness created by gorging on a meal packed with spices, fat and carbohydrates, this was not to be the highlight of the evening.’
  • ‘All night, the artfully sprawling rock lulls the lovers and the fighters into a state of dewy-eyed contentedness.’
  • ‘Probably he confused my contentedness for readiness to go home.’
  • ‘Maybe we spend all our adult lives trying to recreate the sense of wonderment and joy and downright contentedness that childhood Christmases brought.’
  • ‘You could lay around, nap, watch tv, and there was a contentedness about it.’
  • ‘I go through my life with this dread that the repetitive normality and contentedness is always on the brink of ending due to some disaster.’
  • ‘The position presented may look like a quest for spirituality shaped by a mixture of scientific secularism, Buddhist contentedness, and American Puritan self-control and self-leadership.’
  • ‘That line's a good benchmark for the rest of the album: The bulk of its love songs suggest a certain romantic contentedness - the joy of the relationship you're in.’
  • ‘It's a brilliant day, and the couple is so cozily in sync after 25 years of marriage that they can communicate their contentedness in utter silence.’
  • ‘I exhale a breath of contentedness and smile to myself.’
  • ‘With a sigh of contentedness and tranquility, we collect our things and return to our bungalow, to wash the sand and salt off our skin, and dress for the night.’
  • ‘But not even the badgering from the rational side of her mind was helping to shake her feeling of contentedness.’
  • ‘Around me the room was pleasantly dark, rolling in drunken contentedness.’
  • ‘Jeanne, his lovely, loving wife senses something has disturbed the stolid contentedness of her husband.’