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Pronunciation /kənˈtɪɡjʊəs/

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  • 1Sharing a common border; touching.

    ‘the Southern Ocean is contiguous with the Atlantic’
    • ‘Geographically my State is contiguous with both of them.’
    • ‘No other farms are contiguous with High House Farm.’
    • ‘In 1998, in an area contiguous with the reserve, the Development Reserve was created.’
    • ‘Because all study sites were contiguous with larger expanses of tallgrass prairie, they were not prairie fragments.’
    • ‘In contrast, Wyoming is contiguous with six states but has only two other state capitals within 500 miles.’
    • ‘The study was conducted in El Paso, Texas, which is contiguous with Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.’
    • ‘Not really tied in all too closely with modesty because these statues are contiguous with nude statues exploring the beauty of the human form.’
    • ‘The continental United States is contiguous with Canada to the north and Mexico to the south.’
    • ‘Thus, spatial heterogeneity in predation pressure is common in both fragmented and contiguous landscapes.’
    • ‘In a second step, clusters merge into a contiguous zone at the cell border that spreads and gives rise to actin waves traveling on a planar membrane.’
    • ‘It is contiguous to a scrub shrub/emergent wetland and bordered to the east by an evergreen forested wetland complex.’
    • ‘They come from a nation contiguous to the U.S. with a long and porous border.’
    • ‘This has been mooted taking into account that a few places in the nearby villages beyond marsh are contiguous to the marsh.’
    • ‘The ideal is for married children to live near their parents, at least in the same city, if not in the same neighborhood or on a contiguous lot.’
    • ‘From an ecological point of view, the park should have encompassed contiguous biodiversity-rich forest tracts that cut across even states.’
    • ‘These valleys form part of a magnificent expanse of contiguous pristine valleys-a complex of giant trees unparalleled on Vancouver Island.’
    • ‘It is a reasonable supposition on our part therefore to consider that, if escorted back to the edge of the contiguous zone, vessels would return to Indonesia.’
    • ‘But to be defensible, land must be contiguous; it cannot be cut through by a grid controlled by an occupying power.’
    • ‘Albanians live in a contiguous area in at least four states.’
    • ‘Under this scheme, tribes and migrants were jointly allotted land for agricultural operations in contiguous areas.’
    adjacent, neighbouring, adjoining, bordering, next-door
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    1. 1.1Next or together in sequence.
      ‘five hundred contiguous dictionary entries’
      • ‘We sequenced two contiguous fragments for both clones 1 and 2 and proved that they were identical.’
      • ‘After ordering the probes, the longest existing contiguous sequence of probes that hybridized with the given clone is found.’
      • ‘The contiguous sequence of distribution helps minimize waste.’
      • ‘The sequenced region corresponds to contiguous partial sequences of intron 4 and exon 5 of the bib gene.’
      • ‘For analysis, we used the longest available contiguous sequence.’
      • ‘The three fragments from each allele were then aligned against a reference sequence to create a single contiguous sequence.’
      • ‘We did not obtain a contiguous sequence of the entire region.’
      • ‘Therefore, the sequence at internal nodes will always consist of one contiguous fragment of sequence.’
      • ‘The sequences were assembled into one contiguous sequence by methods described previously.’
      • ‘Running a defragmenter gathers up the pieces and places them together in one contiguous location.’
      • ‘Few detailed studies of large contiguous barley genomic sequences have been published.’
      • ‘An extent is a sequence of contiguous aggregate blocks allocated to an object as a unit.’
      • ‘In what follows a neutral network is a contiguous set of sequences possessing the same fitness.’
      • ‘Phred and Phrap were used to call bases and assemble a contiguous sequence for each strain.’
      • ‘Latin and Greek were long coupled together, because of the contiguous history, mythology and culture from which they descended.’
      • ‘If possible, a computer will store files in contiguous clusters, so all the information is kept close together.’
      • ‘This demonstrated that the component sequences amplified as partial gene segments were contiguous in the genome.’
      • ‘In the case of strain 300, the mutation was a deletion of six contiguous base pairs of the nd1 sequence.’
      • ‘We kept the numbering contiguous in spite of two gaps in the sequence.’
      • ‘Because it is sending packets that are in one contiguous chunk, the gather list has only a single entry.’
      neighbouring, adjacent, adjoining, next-door, bordering, abutting
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Early 16th century from Latin contiguus ‘touching’, from the verb contingere ‘be in contact, befall’ (see contingent), + -ous.