Meaning of contortionist in English:


Pronunciation /kənˈtɔːʃənɪst/

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  • An entertainer who twists and bends their body into strange and unnatural positions.

    ‘In addition to the band, he had a slew of video artists and contortionists, and some on-stage body piercing.’
    • ‘For two hours he had watched clowns and contortionists and acrobats and fliers and singers.’
    • ‘The Chinese State Circus arrives in Blackpool with a band of 30 of China's greatest performers including contortionists, gymnasts and dancers.’
    • ‘The Chinese State Circus presents gymnasts, contortionists, acrobats and pole-jumpers on February 23-25.’
    • ‘In the way he played with our sense both of being a body and having a body, the contortionist seemed a kind of mystic.’
    • ‘The company is five people - a contortionist, a dancer, an acrobat, an opera singer/actress, and a dancer/actor.’
    • ‘Julia Balaka presents an unusual and innovative performance as a contortionist.’
    • ‘You'd need to be a contortionist to handle that manipulation of body, head and base of body.’
    • ‘But again, it was all part of the plan, as proven by two contortionists who scaled the giant screens and performed a visually stunning tandem act as the band broke back into familiar territory.’
    • ‘The musclemen who balance each other upside down on their shoulders; the acrobat who spins inside a hoop; the contortionist packed into a suitcase: these are the things that draw the audience applause.’
    • ‘In the hot summer months, the carnival would travel into the city, full of gypsies and fire breathers, mages and contortionists.’
    • ‘This is more properly called joint hypermobility, and some individuals with this condition find employment as contortionists.’
    • ‘Perhaps casual work is a great choice for flexible Australians who happen to be contortionists.’
    • ‘There are six feet of standing headroom and sufficient room, with the door closed, to change clothes without feeling like a contortionist.’
    • ‘‘We did one painting of a contortionist that basically serves as the icon for the whole thing,’ says Wasserman.’
    • ‘And perhaps from yoga, or more likely from an innate lack of ligaments, he has acquired the flexibility of a contortionist.’
    • ‘In another work, a cabaret contortionist smokes a cigarette and reads a book in an improbable state of repose.’
    • ‘A circus contortionist fell victim to his own unique skills when no one believed his desperate cries for help as he lay with his right foot stuck on his left shoulder.’
    • ‘Heck, sometime the chips they carry are so large that you have to be a contortionist to avoid knocking them over.’