Meaning of contraceptive in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkɒntrəˈsɛptɪv/

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  • 1(of a method or device) serving to prevent pregnancy.

    ‘the contraceptive pill’
    • ‘Most women who discontinue hormonal contraception do not use another contraceptive method and are therefore at high risk for unintended pregnancy.’
    • ‘The combined goals of preventing sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy should be considerations when choosing a contraceptive method.’
    • ‘Access to effective and safe contraceptive methods and sexually transmitted disease protection is a primary medical concern for all sexually active women.’
    • ‘One important issue for patients following emergency contraception therapy is starting a routine contraceptive method.’
    • ‘All contraceptive devices are suitable for patients with the exception of intrauterine devices, owing to the risk of infection.’
    • ‘Sometimes their sexual experimentation extends to petting or coitus, but the risk of getting pregnant is very high due to lack of using any contraceptive methods.’
    • ‘More than one third of participants discontinued their selected contraceptive method during the year, and an additional 31 women did not obtain scans.’
    • ‘In the club, teenagers will receive medical guidance about various contraceptive methods with their privacy well protected.’
    • ‘Oral contraceptive pills, male condoms, and female sterilization are the contraceptive methods most commonly used in the United States.’
    • ‘Viewing episodes of television shows which discuss facts about specific contraceptive methods is associated, though weakly, with more accurate knowledge about those methods.’
    • ‘Women who are ambivalent about the permanence of the procedure should be counseled to strongly consider another contraceptive method.’
    • ‘She believes that the contraceptive pill, like pregnancy, will eventually be shown to protect against breast cancer.’
    • ‘Lastly, we collected demographic information as well as relationship details, such as duration of relationship and contraceptive method used.’
    • ‘Many effective contraceptive methods are available.’
    • ‘Lactating women are good candidates for this contraceptive method.’
    • ‘It sometimes results from using contraceptive devices that do not fit.’
    • ‘No contraceptive method is perfect, even when you use it the right way.’
    • ‘In all cases contraceptive methods are more reliable if used properly.’
    • ‘The possibility of a male pill will add to the variety of contraceptive methods already available around the world.’
    • ‘Liz was very interested in family planning, and wanted to raise awareness of contraceptive methods available.’
    1. 1.1Relating to contraception.
      ‘a book popularizing contraceptive knowledge’
      • ‘In societies where contraceptive knowledge is poor, abortion is the only means available to women to control their reproduction.’
      • ‘Evidence for the commission in 1903-04 indicates that there was indeed an increase in contraceptive knowledge and use in the nineteenth century.’
      • ‘Expanding such knowledge and extending contraceptive access rightly became a focus of working women's organizations in the twenties and thirties.’
      • ‘There is a similar knowledge gap about how physicians can optimize contraceptive counseling.’
      • ‘There is, however, little knowledge of the sexual and contraceptive behaviour of seasonal workers from which public policy can be developed.’
      • ‘Second, it hindered the development of a cadre of doctors and nurses with the knowledge and skills to provide contraceptive services.’
      • ‘Our results show that most teenagers who become pregnant do access general practice for both general medical services and contraceptive advice before their pregnancy.’
      • ‘They should also be able to easily receive contraceptive counseling and contraceptives.’


  • A device or drug serving to prevent pregnancy.

    ‘we'd been making love without contraceptives for months’
    • ‘At least if we can educate them about contraceptives and protection the teenage pregnancy rate will fall.’
    • ‘Hormonal contraceptives have changed many women's relationship to pregnancy by putting the choice in their own hands.’
    • ‘The most appropriate contraceptives for most young people are likely to be condoms and the contraceptive pill.’
    • ‘The goal is quite explicitly to discourage adolescents from using condoms or other contraceptives.’
    • ‘These contraceptives may be a valuable adjunct in the treatment of acne in female patients.’
    • ‘Unlike human oral contraceptives, the drug used to stop the elephants from reproducing does not rely on sex hormones.’
    • ‘In women, oral contraceptives and hormonal drugs will affect the voice.’
    • ‘Before oral contraceptives, condoms were the most common method of reversible birth control.’
    • ‘We know of at least four pregnancies caused by rape, and two where contraceptives were forced on the victim to prevent pregnancy.’
    • ‘In both cases, the depression responded to treatment with oral contraceptives.’
    • ‘Teenagers do not have to feel guilty or ashamed of using contraceptives.’
    • ‘Injectable contraceptives, once they are injected, can not be reversed until they wear off.’
    • ‘I thought it important to point out that injectable contraceptives are available here.’
    • ‘It's biology, not heritage, that limits the variety of contraceptives we have to use.’
    • ‘The Family Planning Association is encouraging those who do not want to get pregnant to use contraceptives.’
    • ‘Why do some girls chose to use contraceptives and some don't?’
    • ‘More than half of the young women use unreliable contraceptives or none at all.’
    • ‘And when they do have sex for the first time, they are more likely to use contraceptives.’
    • ‘He referred frequently to the use of contraceptives to counter this as well as pregnancy.’
    • ‘Should health insurance companies cover the cost of female contraceptives?’