Meaning of contractionary in English:


Pronunciation /kənˈtrakʃ(ə)n(ə)ri/


  • Causing or relating to the contraction of a country's economy.

    ‘he imposed a contractionary fiscal policy in the form of a tax surcharge’
    • ‘the contractionary effects of higher interest rates’
    • ‘Government surpluses drain the private sector of net savings, a very contractionary policy!’
    • ‘The IMF programs of stabilization based on fiscal austerity have also been too contractionary.’
    • ‘The ILO attributes the jobs crisis to the social effects of contractionary economic policies.’
    • ‘Almost half of the stimulus simply offsets the contractionary effect of cutbacks at the state level.’
    • ‘The contractionary effects of the fiscal intervention may not yet have peaked.’
    • ‘This is the inevitable by-product of implementing a contractionary fiscal policy in the midst of a serious recession.’
    • ‘A brief recovery followed, and then the current recession began in mid-1998, characterized by an unusually long contractionary period.’
    • ‘This means that such economies can consolidate their budgets without fully experiencing the associated contractionary effects.’
    • ‘First and foremost is the fact that the U.S. economy has enjoyed a prolonged expansion even though fiscal policy has been contractionary.’
    • ‘New borrowing finances additional spending, but it also contributes to a buildup of debts and debt-service obligations that are contractionary.’
    • ‘Bernanke observed, "It is now rather widely accepted that Federal Reserve policy turned contractionary in 1928, in an attempt to curb stock market speculation."’
    • ‘The papers show that Howe privately admitted that it would be seen as a "quite severely contractionary" budget.’
    • ‘If you believe in stimulus, all stimulus plans are eventually contractionary.’
    • ‘For the last 3 years that member and every member on the Opposition side of the House have attacked me for running too contractionary a fiscal policy.’
    • ‘That pace may well be healthy enough to offset the contractionary forces of the tech downturn, falling exports, and rising layoffs.’
    • ‘Regressive distribution is also contractionary, because wealthy individuals spend proportionally less of their incomes.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, Sumner points out that the Fed's policy of paying interest on reserves is contractionary.’
    • ‘Macfarlane sounded an alarm, warning that the global slump would have a "significant contractionary effect" on the Australian economy.’
    • ‘The report has even argued that the government should enhance capital expenditures "in order to counter-balance the contractionary effects of fiscal consolidation."’
    • ‘The shift in fiscal stance should have imparted a contractionary bias to the economy, yet over the last four years the economy has prospered.’