Meaning of contradiction in terms in English:

contradiction in terms


  • A statement or group of words associating incompatible objects or ideas.

    ‘she has demonstrated that the term ‘student-athlete’ isn't always a contradiction in terms’
    • ‘Since we do not know how to stand outside the universe - the very idea is almost a contradiction in terms - the only evidence we can use comes from within it.’
    • ‘Some people might think of judgment and forgiveness as incompatible, or as a contradiction in terms.’
    • ‘The idea of a real Englishman is almost a contradiction in terms, like talking about a real theme park or a real golf club.’
    • ‘The very idea of empowerment through cultural heritage is a contradiction in terms.’
    • ‘In fact, a statement of their dimensions is an apparent contradiction in terms.’
    • ‘Indeed, many people regard the very idea of group-differentiated citizenship as a contradiction in terms.’
    • ‘Am I the only one who sees the contradiction in terms here?’
    • ‘Having a progressive movement without young people is practically a contradiction in terms - and is doomed to failure.’
    • ‘To others, it can only be a contradiction in terms.’
    • ‘I have never witnessed such a contradiction in terms.’
    conflict, clash, disagreement, opposition, inconsistency, lack of congruence, incongruity, incongruousness, mismatch, variance