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nounplural noun contredanse/ˈkɒntrədɑːns/ /ˈkɒntrədɒ̃s/

  • 1A French form of country dance, originating in the 18th century and related to the quadrille.

    ‘The contredanse is a French import, with origins in the court of King Louis XIV.’
    • ‘Again, it never achieved, in Louisiana, the popularity of the danse ronde, no doubt because many of the figures of the contredanse required an even number of couples.’
    • ‘Both forms of contredanse were performed in France until the Revolution at the end of the eighteenth century.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for contradance
      ‘Both the contredanse and the contradanza made their way to the Caribbean during the colonisation of the Americas, to the islands of Hispañola and Cuba.’
      • ‘In spite of the lack of beauty of the costumes, the contredanse made a good effect.’



/ˈkɒntrədɑːns/ /ˈkɒntrədɒ̃s/


French, alteration of English country dance, by association with contre ‘against, opposite’.