Meaning of convenience food in English:

convenience food


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  • A food, typically a complete meal, that has been pre-prepared commercially and so requires minimum further preparation by the consumer.

    ‘convenience foods make life easier’
    • ‘a diet of convenience food’
    • ‘And convenience food, something prepared is often three to 400 times what the ingredients cost if you go buy them at the store.’
    • ‘The family horseradish patch provided his first convenience food; his horseradish was offered for sale, scrubbed and scraped or grated in vinegar, in clear glass bottles which revealed the purity of the product.’
    • ‘As a convenience food for human beings, however, with slick marketing and the halo of a health food, soy is worth billions.’
    • ‘The pasty was a convenience food of the mining town of Cornwall.’
    • ‘An early convenience food developed two centuries ago for Leicestershire huntsmen to carry in their saddlebags is at the centre of a meaty dispute.’
    • ‘Apart from being a bit weird, this is textbook product innovation and a real sign of vitality in the sector but would you launch a new convenience food in the middle of a war?’
    • ‘More convenience food than ever is being bought in this country, but thanks to the fantasy, it is being bought not with a sense of liberation but guilt.’
    • ‘"Changing lifestyles, rising income and the spread of the supermarket in place of wet markets have all led to a boom of packaged food and convenience food in China, " the council said.’
    • ‘What do you think about the proliferation of ready meals, takeaways and convenience food?’
    • ‘Bolton health visitors are blaming it on the sugary snacks and convenience food they eat.’
    • ‘Changing social demographics, including a younger age profile, the rise of single homes and a ‘new’ working population, mean that more consumers are looking for healthy convenience food.’
    • ‘Where they were a rarity, fast food outlets are now prevalent and convenience food is the preferred easy option to fit in with our busy lifestyles.’
    • ‘I have written a lot of cookbooks and they don't use convenience products, unless you consider canned tomatoes convenience food.’
    • ‘Clearly, many vegetarians live off diets of convenience food and this is incredibly unhealthy.’
    • ‘Our market research has shown that there is growing demand for healthy convenience food in Ireland.’
    • ‘We need to look at everything - the fat and sugar content of convenience food and get the exercise message across.’
    • ‘A lot of convenience food is going to contain fat, salt and sugar and I would always urge people to prepare their own meals using fresh ingredients, which is the only way to be entirely sure what is in your food.’
    • ‘Our stated mission is to be the premier consumer products company in the world, focused primarily on convenience food and beverages.’
    • ‘As I hadn't eaten since breakfast, I decided to look for a stall selling convenience food, such as a hamburger or a pizza.’
    • ‘The ritual of coming together to prepare and share a meal, once held sacred by families, was replaced with convenience food popped in the microwave, to be eaten on the run or in front of the television.’