Meaning of conventional wisdom in English:

conventional wisdom

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mass noun
  • A generally accepted theory or belief.

    ‘conventional wisdom has it that a book should never be judged by its cover’
    • ‘many of your findings challenge conventional wisdom about entrepreneurial success’
    • ‘The scene is striking for its reversal of the conventional wisdom about musical performance.’
    • ‘With an M.B.A. from the Tuck School at Dartmouth, he knew the conventional wisdom: companies design products to meet a need.’
    • ‘Conventional wisdom lays the blame at the feet of opportunistic local criminals.’
    • ‘All of the best movies are ones that defied a certain amount of conventional wisdom.’
    • ‘For years the conventional wisdom held that real entrepreneurs didn't merge - they grew their companies from within.’
    • ‘Conventional wisdom says the larger a house is, the less environmentally friendly it can be.’
    • ‘Conventional wisdom holds that a college education is the key to success.’
    • ‘Conventional wisdom holds that the best way to formally "green" a project is to integrate sustainable thinking into the design process from the beginning.’
    • ‘Conventional wisdom suggests that our ageing population is a real problem for the future.’
    • ‘Formal studies as well as conventional wisdom show that campaigns with strong financial support have an edge in an election.’
    • ‘Business is all based on conventional wisdom.’
    • ‘Some of us don't feel comfortable unless we're bucking the conventional wisdom.’
    • ‘The conventional wisdom is that a very small number of cold calls work out.’
    • ‘Farm manager Jeff Moyer used to follow conventional wisdom by putting down compost before corn, in the spring.’
    • ‘Conventional wisdom says sunflowers can be cut as soon as the petals begin unfurling.’
    • ‘Are you convinced that the Internet offers limitless possibilities and overturns conventional wisdom about how to run a company?’
    • ‘They cling to conventional wisdom as if their lives depended on it.’
    • ‘At the time there were no magazines that focused on people who started companies, and the conventional wisdom held that there was no market for such publications.’
    • ‘Although conventional wisdom portrays the rise of electronic media and the relative decline of print as a disaster for all kinds of literature, this situation is largely beneficial for poetry.’
    • ‘Conventional wisdom has it that the path to pop fame is instant and easy.’