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Pronunciation /kənˌvɛnʃəˈnalɪti/

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‘However, this literature provides numerous examples of the codes that indicate considerable variations in how conventionality and the codes are exhibited by specific individuals or social networks.’
  • ‘The memorial's organization of form and materials might suggest a kind of natural, earthy, broad-sweeping and open Australianness in contrast to the ceremonious conventionality of old world edifices.’
  • ‘I've imparted to his nature this bit of ill-gotten reliance on commonplace conventionality, and I thus entreat him to explain his motives.’
  • ‘I like normality and (despite my rants) I like conventionality.’
  • ‘Real commitment is often lacking; the time at university provides an opportunity to engage in harmless extremism before settling down to a life of conventionality.’