Meaning of conversationalist in English:


Pronunciation /kɒnvəˈseɪʃ(ə)n(ə)lɪst/

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  • A person who is good at or fond of engaging in conversation.

    ‘an entertaining conversationalist’
    • ‘Those of you who know me will agree that I am not much of a talker, nor a conversationalist.’
    • ‘Daniel, whom Alicia had made out to be such an entertaining conversationalist, had been silenced by the scope of William's achievements.’
    • ‘Together, they made a predictably volatile trio, and hearing their work together is like listening in on the conversation of three opinionated conversationalists.’
    • ‘He was a brilliant conversationalist, and liked nothing better than to relate stories from his youth to draw comparisons to how life differs today.’
    • ‘I knew Gerald was unimpressed with the way I had conversed with the Spaniard at luncheon, but I found that he was one of the most engaging, charming, witty conversationalists I had ever encountered.’
    • ‘It is with me through everything, providing instant distraction from lectures, boring conversationalists and nagging editors.’
    • ‘Not only teenagers but many high flying execs who flaunt a number of mobiles casually are very poor phone conversationalists.’
    • ‘Oscar Wilde, the king of conversationalists, who died at the age of 46 one hundred years ago this month, was never stuck for a word.’
    • ‘After all, they're not very good conversationalists are they?’
    • ‘Last but not least, be a wonderful conversationalist.’
    • ‘I had the great pleasure of meeting Stan recently - he is a terrific conversationalist, storyteller, poet, critic and troubadour.’
    • ‘He blamed a lack of promotion for the show's poor performance, but said viewers were starting to warm to the idea of him as a good conversationalist and not just a formerly temperamental tennis star.’
    • ‘Vain, superficial and selfish, she was also a brilliant conversationalist and a loyal friend who had no difficulty dominating British aristocratic society.’
    • ‘Also, as a best friend he's not much of a conversationalist.’
    • ‘A gifted conversationalist, he made himself at home in any company.’
    • ‘In my circle, I am regarded as a fascinating conversationalist.’
    • ‘His interests are very diverse and he is a great conversationalist.’
    • ‘Mary was a gifted conversationalist and had a lovely way with people.’
    • ‘He was a gifted conversationalist and loved a bit of fun and humour.’
    • ‘You're a great conversationalist, and you're an expert at living the good life.’
    talker, chatterer, jabberer, babbler, prattler, blatherer, prater