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  • Introducing a statement or idea which reverses one that has just been made or referred to.

    ‘we're not going to have enough onions to last the year, while courgettes, conversely, are in a major surplus’
    • ‘Do you find yourselves checking each other, each making sure the other doesn't get too syrupy or, conversely, caustic?’
    • ‘Or, conversely, if lobbying should have tax benefits for charities, then why not for everyone else as well?’
    • ‘And conversely, for every one of the best impulses of our souls, there is a demon waiting to hijack us and use us.’
    • ‘And conversely, to drive unpredictably is to drive dangerously.’
    • ‘Nor, conversely, are the photographs tired clichés of class defiance.’
    • ‘And conversely, the story of total freedom can't be right because there are things that just happen to us.’
    • ‘Such tools can create the illusion of enormity in a small room, or conversely create intimacy in vast spaces.’
    • ‘Inequality, conversely, is blasted as being unjust, unfair and tragic.’
    • ‘Their successors, conversely, must begin where they left off - at the top.’
    • ‘A collapse of a society anywhere is a global issue, and conversely, anybody anywhere in the world now has ways of reaching us.’
    • ‘Neither team deserved to win on Sunday's performance, and conversely neither team then deserved to lose.’
    • ‘And, conversely, the existence of the state proves that the class antagonisms are irreconcilable.’
    • ‘Garnett, conversely, has a joyous personality and a charismatic style of play to boot.’
    • ‘But, conversely, in some ways it's safer to be upfront - people find out anyway.’
    • ‘This conversely means that hundreds of events never even register in awareness.’
    • ‘We must declare what it is we feel that all people in the world should expect and conversely what we all deserve.’
    • ‘I'm curious if, conversely, Japanese art and pop culture have been much of an inspiration to you?’
    • ‘The same is true with salty food, just as, conversely, the less sugar or salt we eat, the more sensitive we become to their presence.’
    • ‘When the country has harsh or, conversely, weak laws or a bad social network, it's harder to enforce.’
    • ‘It was as though they had always been with me, and I found it difficult, conversely, to remember our first encounter.’
    conversely, inversely, the other way round, contrariwise, oppositely, in reverse, reciprocally



/ˈkɒnvəːsli/ /kənˈvəːsli/