Meaning of cool-headedness in English:



mass noun
  • The state of being calm and not easily worried or excited.

    ‘his cool-headedness in the face of danger’
    • ‘The detachment I project gives the impression of relative cool-headedness.’
    • ‘He was clearly taken aback by my kindness and cool-headedness.’
    • ‘I'm not entirely sure I would react with calm and cool-headedness if placed in a similar situation.’
    • ‘Mental ability tests do not measure personality, social adroitness, leadership, charisma, cool-headedness, altruism, or many other things that we value.’
    • ‘"For a rookie to come in at quarterback and have that much patience and cool-headedness, that's very rare," Edwards says.’
    • ‘Among the 12 winners was 11-year-old John Lyons, whose cool-headedness and bravery helped save his father's life after a water-skiing accident in Majorca.’
    • ‘"We hope all relevant parties can maintain cool-headedness, adopt a prudent and responsible attitude and stick to the general direction of a peaceful resolution through dialogue," Mr Li said.’
    • ‘"To handle this difficulty, we think all sides should express patience, cool-headedness and restraint, and also show a practical attitude."’
    • ‘It is hard to resist feeling smug at the idea of a woman famed for her cool-headedness and self-discipline becoming a love-struck text-message junkie.’
    • ‘With this friction between Curtis and Roy resolved, the group then becomes a perfectly coordinated team, functioning with the kind of cool-headedness and skill that Curtis had intended from the beginning.’