Meaning of cool beans in English:

cool beans


informal US
  • Used to express approval or delight.

    • ‘They went to Europe? Cool beans’
    • ‘Cool beans, here's Arthur Clarke presenting Adapted Screenplay.’
    • ‘In short, Al is cool beans.’
    • ‘Cool beans, Jeff's back and I can claim my prize!’
    • ‘I have a cool beans idea, but I need some advice.’
    • ‘If he's downloaded OpenOffice I know what his reaction was after installing it - cool beans.’
    • ‘They're doing the song in character. Cool beans.’
    • ‘He's wearing stage make-up, which he carries in a little bag, and he uses expressions like "Cool beans!"’
    • ‘Cool beans if you have an SLR, but I wonder how much the lens/software package is going to cost you.’