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Pronunciation /kuːp/

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  • 1A cage or pen in which poultry are kept.

    ‘Many of the lots had a barn for a cow and horses, and a coop for chickens.’
    • ‘At the side of the house stood a barn, and a coop full of chickens scratching at the dry cracked earth.’
    • ‘For $80, the farmer sold his guests eight metal nesting boxes, old barn wood with which to build a coop, four Rhode Island Reds, and a sack of feed.’
    • ‘But then he mumbled "chickens" and "roosting", so I decided he must have given more thought to my suggestion to build a coop in the back garden.’
    • ‘Five months later, we had a coop and four hens.’
    • ‘Other projects under way in the four-storey space include rearing chickens in a coop on the roof and growing vegetables in the back garden.’
    • ‘The reason I recommend this method is that, the birds being so valuable, the owners do not permit them to roost around promiscuously, they put them in a coop as strong as a fireproof safe and keep it in the kitchen at night.’
    • ‘If we don't stop these groups, tomorrow you won't be able to milk cows or keep chickens in coops.’
    • ‘Always fashionable, I went with a shabby chic motif for my coop.’
    • ‘I found a brown egg the size of an acorn in the coop.’
    pen, run, cage, hutch, enclosure, pound, lock-up
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    1. 1.1British A basket used in catching fish.


[with object]
  • 1usually be cooped upConfine in a small space.

    ‘being cooped up indoors all day makes him fidgety’
    • ‘Her children were playing near the pond, running free as if they had been cooped up in a confined day care center all day.’
    • ‘I wasn't cooped up indoors all day with a computer or the TV.’
    • ‘Does the thought of being cooped up indoors watching a game bore you to tears?’
    • ‘Dogs, who have been cooped up all day, now rush to fences, or fling themselves against front doors, and bark, giving it all they have in the way of canine fury, as I walk by.’
    • ‘Grinning, I decided to head outside for an evening stroll, sick of being indoors due to having been cooped up in my room for the past few hours.’
    • ‘One more day cooped up indoors would have been unbearable.’
    • ‘How, for example, do we fit the idea of respect round watching a TV programme in which competitive strangers are cooped up together and encouraged to out-do each other in eccentric, argumentative or lewd behaviour?’
    • ‘By staying at a rental home in Orlando, the parents can feel more relaxed knowing that they aren't cooped up in a cramped hotel room constantly wondering if they are being too noisy for the rest of the hotel guests.’
    • ‘There were mixed feelings - their summer vacation had started at the end of June this year and since they had been cooped up at home the whole summer, the last couple of months didn't count as a summer vacation to them.’
    • ‘I've been cooped up in the studio recording the next album, so it will be great to get out and play.’
    • ‘But with just a few days to go until the election, no politician can afford to waste a sunny day like this, when voters are not cooped up at work and are available to have glossy leaflets and balloons thrust in their hands.’
    • ‘‘We can't just be cooped up in here forever… we need to go down there to explain things from our perspective,’ he added.’
    • ‘Honestly, they're tired of being cooped up in their homes.’
    • ‘You can't know the relief that brought unless you've been cooped up inside your house without any fresh air for four days.’
    • ‘But what do you do if you are one of the thousands who are cooped up in an air-conditioned office in the midst of the city for the better part of the day?’
    • ‘They probably don't want to be cooped up inside all day long either.’
    • ‘The salty breeze and the large beach are a welcome relief for many who are cooped up inside flats and apartments.’
    • ‘After all those years of being cooped up, we were all eager to get some fresh air and have some fun.’
    • ‘I just don't want you cooping yourself up in your room waiting for him to call you or something.’
    • ‘He never did stay cooped up in his office long, though.’
    confine, shut in, close in, shut up, mew up, keep, detain, trap
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  • 2Put or keep (poultry) in a cage or pen.

    ‘our free-range chickens roam the barnyard instead of staying cooped up in a henhouse’
    • ‘Free-range poultry may have been as cooped up as conventional poultry.’
    • ‘But he passes on the dish, maybe because I cooped a couple of the birds in his dog's kennel for a night.’
    • ‘It's cold and gray and I feel like a chicken cooped up in a particularly small cage.’
    • ‘It's ironic that he would prefer people to eat some previously cooped up broiler chicken rather than a game bird that has experienced absolute freedom during its life because he is opposed to sport.’
    • ‘Chickens, cooped up in jam-packed factory feed lots, are routinely dosed with antibiotics just to help them survive the horrendous living conditions.’


Middle English cowpe; related to Dutch kuip ‘vat’ and German Kufe ‘cask’, based on Latin cupa. Compare with cooper.