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cop out

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phrasal verb

  • Avoid doing something that one ought to do.

    • ‘he copped out at the last moment’
    • ‘he would not cop out of the difficult tax decisions’
    • ‘Ultimately, the plot cops out and an easy solution is pasted on to avoid confusion.’
    • ‘And, without giving anything away, Lucas totally cops out of the one truly disturbing moment the movie could have had.’
    • ‘So he cops out on charitable donations and still tries to fight in the name of ‘the greater good?’’
    • ‘There's always the possibility that whatever enticing visions the Bush team puts forward, the Americans will just find them too hard to implement, and will end up copping out.’
    • ‘Somehow these Globe directors and designers seem to have gotten it into their heads that it is copping out to design costumes that are appropriate for the characters!’
    • ‘And yes, I am also copping out of writing an entry to wrap this year up.’
    • ‘Despite its weaknesses, it never drags and by the end ties up the plot quite satisfactorily without copping out.’
    • ‘Don't cop out by claiming that you're trying to reach all readers.’
    • ‘Originally, I was going to cop out of this with a joke answer.’
    avoid, shirk, skip, dodge, sidestep, skirt round, bypass, steer clear of, evade, escape, run away from, shrink from, slide out of, back out of, pull out of, turn one's back on
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