Meaning of cop shop in English:

cop shop



informal British
  • A police station.

    • ‘If my kids did something wrong when they were little, ‘Right, in the car, up to the cop shop.’’
    • ‘The cop shop will work with the existing police station in Farnworth and will increase the number of officers out on the streets.’
    • ‘But what I enjoyed most was the goings on at the local cop shop which serves as mountain rescue base.’
    • ‘My father recently had his car broken into outside his office in town and so he went to the cop shop to report it.’
    • ‘After skilfully maneuvering her vehicle into a post in mid-January, a distraught McAuley called the paper from the cop shop to give them the details and beg them to run an item.’
    • ‘But the good news on that is I have a receipt for it, so they can't use it to buy a big lunch on the way back to the cop shop.’
    • ‘Ben just smiled and opened the door to the cop shop for her.’
    • ‘The policeman reappeared the next evening, with one of his mates, and walked up and down the street a couple of times before returning to the warmth of the local cop shop.’
    • ‘Two days later I was summoned to the cop shop for a statement.’
    • ‘For like, the seventh time in a week I took all the evidence down to the local cop shop and am content to let them deal with it.’
    • ‘If they don't carry ID at all times, they'll have repeated trips to the cop shop.’
    • ‘He had no job and spent most of his free time in the lockup at the cop shop.’
    • ‘So Mad Brad goes down to the cop shop and gives him the denial version of events.’
    • ‘An articulated lorry had shed its load right outside the cop shop in Kirkdale I noticed on the way home.’
    • ‘We have just ended the last car chase scene and we want to establish that they are now back in the cop shop.’
    • ‘But your question also brought to mind my first days in the biz when every story that strayed from the traditional sentinel posts - cop shop, city hall, etc. - demanded new sources.’
    • ‘About 25 more cops took our two bureau drivers, both Chinese citizens, to another cop shop after grabbing them by the arms and taking their phones away.’
    • ‘The door opened as I crushed the last of the cigarette out under my heel, the cop shot me a disapproving glance, I just sat back and smiled at him, I took my coffee from him and took a sip, typical cop shop brew, foul.’
    • ‘We now have the right to remain silent and even question the reason why we are being dragged to the police stations, commonly known as cop shops in the streets.’
    • ‘One-way glass - the good stuff, not the kind they have in cop shops, where you can press your face against it and see through.’
    office, depot, base, headquarters, centre