Meaning of cop to in English:

cop to

phrasal verb

informal US
  • cop to somethingAccept or admit to something.

    • ‘there are a lot of people in the world who don't cop to their past’
    • ‘She has the tone of a recovering alcoholic copping to past bad behavior.’
    • ‘Okay, so what he is basically copping to is a complete abdication of his Congressional responsibilities, a failure to uphold his oath, and a seeming lack of knowledge regarding our Constitution.’
    • ‘But she always finds others to castigate for their immorality and selfishness, rarely copping to what she would call a decadent lifestyle if another woman lived it.’
    • ‘Disrespecting the Bing basically meant copping to an insignificant offense in order to avoid taking responsibility for, or admitting to, a far graver one.’
    • ‘They saw magazine executives under oath in a celebrity trial copping to fraudulent circulation figures.’
    • ‘By now I'm used to admitting error on a fairly regular basis - but I'm not copping to this one.’
    • ‘This is a case of sloppy staff work in Brown's office and not much more - but it's still a screw-up, which explains why Brown's office immediately copped to the miscue.’
    • ‘But no, Jude Law raised his hands and copped to it.’
    • ‘Williams quickly copped to having had a conflict of interest and apologized for his ‘bad judgment.’’
    • ‘His name as a performer and a producer is synonymous with ‘do it yourself’ and ‘low fidelity’, whether he'll cop to it or not.’