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  • Thoroughly reliable; certain not to fail.

    ‘a copper-bottomed guarantee’
    • ‘Mr Brown failed to give a copper-bottomed assurance that Tony Blair would lead the party into the next election, saying only that it was ‘a matter for him’.’
    • ‘He can keep quiet and hope Tony will repay loyalty on this occasion - but that has not proved a copper-bottomed guarantee on any issue in the past.’
    • ‘He fuelled concern by stating that he could not offer copper-bottomed guarantees that there would not be further losses.’
    • ‘I'm genuinely interested in finding properly-detailed copper-bottomed examples of this stuff working unequivocally.’
    • ‘He negotiates her copper-bottomed contracts that prevent papers altering her copy beyond a sub-editor's ‘lift and dust’.’
    • ‘Anyone carrying a cricket coffin - and a lot who don't - will need to make sure all the documentation is copper-bottomed and provide written proof that they have a proper job away from the cricket club.’
    • ‘Their last service to these titles would be to ensure that the next owners are locked into a copper-bottomed commitment to maintain editorial independence.’
    • ‘Clearly, she says, ‘the friend must be one whose discretion is copper-bottomed and one who preferably knows and is fond of your husband too.’’
    • ‘As things turn out, we never do get a copper-bottomed answer to this mystery.’
    • ‘Musicology is, approximately, Prince's twenty-third album and a copper-bottomed, no-caveats return to form.’
    • ‘That's a 100% copper-bottomed pure common sense policy, and Labour are boasting they're against it?’
    • ‘This was insufficient to stand up in court, as fingerprint experts need to find 16 such matches for it to be deemed copper-bottomed evidence.’
    • ‘Little wonder then that despite the price war, S&P continues to award copper-bottomed ratings to the nation's retail champions.’
    • ‘This was a copper-bottomed New Labour promise, which is presumably why it has not happened.’
    • ‘The real, gold-plated, copper-bottomed Brian Charles Lara was there to entertain us once more.’
    • ‘Horatio Nelson was a flawed, fallible man; he was also a copper-bottomed, full-rigged, 104-gun hero.’
    • ‘He misses a copper-bottomed chance.’
    reliable, trustworthy, honourable, true, faithful, loyal, constant, unswerving, unwavering, unfailing, sure, steadfast, steady, stable, trusty


    From earlier usage referring to the copper sheathing of the bottom of a ship.