Meaning of copper-coloured in English:



  • Of a reddish-brown colour like that of copper.

    ‘a thin child with dull copper-coloured hair’
    • ‘He saw her daughter, Lady Margaret Graham, a pale and pretty girl with an elfish face and copper-coloured hair.’
    • ‘The 1960s building will have its copper-coloured fibreglass surface panels replaced with a more modern material.’
    • ‘The large, copper-coloured grapes make pleasant sweet as well as dry wines.’
    • ‘The visitor, entering through the revolving doors of the North Building, is transported to the Shanghai of 60 years ago as he admires the white Italian marble floor and the copper-coloured chandeliers.’
    • ‘From there we left the copper-coloured mountains and glow of the desert with all its mystical plants, and in the distance San Diego appeared.’
    • ‘"All my rice crop is now down there," he said, pointing to the copper-coloured water rushing underneath the bridge and covering what used to be his house and fields.’
    • ‘The hard rock, which yields a shining black surface with copper-coloured spots when polished, transformed the poor villages with no irrigation facility to speak of, into a hub of economic activity.’
    • ‘This delightful copper-coloured beer has a malty, fruity nose with a restrained hop character.’
    • ‘She enthralled audiences with her flawless technique, light elegance of style and copper-coloured hair.’
    • ‘Within an hour's drive of Scotland's elegantly-terraced capital are snow-dusted crags and high, peaty moors, tumbling cascades, sinuous, copper-coloured rivers and silvery lochs a mile or more deep.’
    • ‘A copper-colored eagle in the upper right corner symbolizes the country's ability to rise above its problems.’
    • ‘They wore pink combs in their back pockets and tight jeans with copper-colored rivets.’
    • ‘Create the penny by cutting two large circles from poster-size sheets of copper-colored crafts paper.’
    • ‘In the fast-growing town of Nanterre, a fire station has become a new landmark, with a copper-colored facade that changes with the daylight.’
    • ‘Kyle plans on racing Champ - a big, fast copper-colored horse - at the Speedway in the coming weeks.’
    • ‘She smiles and glances out the dark-tinted windows, twirling a strand of her copper-colored hair.’
    • ‘He bought a few copper-colored lamps recently.’
    • ‘I put my copper-colored hair up in a classic bun and applied a small amount of make-up.’
    • ‘She's got copper-colored hair and pale-white skin with freckles speckled all over her nose and cheeks.’
    • ‘He returned to the stage in a copper-colored suit and plum-colored tie and waistcoat.’
    bronze-coloured, copper-coloured, copper, reddish brown, chestnut, metallic brown, rust-coloured, rust, henna, tan