Meaning of copper sulphate in English:

copper sulphate



(also copper sulfate)
mass noun
  • A blue crystalline solid used in electroplating and as a fungicide.

    Chemical formula: CuSO₄.5H₂O

    ‘The earthworms reacted differently to different chemicals, avoiding soil with the sulphuric acid and copper sulphate with no reaction to potassium nitrate.’
    • ‘When organic farmers do use one of the chemicals they are allowed to use, such as sulphuric acid or copper sulphate, they do so on a pretty substantial scale, to the serious detriment of neighbouring wildlife.’
    • ‘Apart from the blue crystals of copper sulphate that would appear to spray the potatoes against blight, chemicals belonged to another world.’
    • ‘Classifying the colours individually, the note says the black paste contains lead oxide, green has copper sulphate and the red has mercury sulphite.’
    • ‘In the United States, it was common to color pickles and canned vegetables with copper sulfate until about 1905.’