Meaning of coprophagous in English:


Pronunciation /kɒˈprɒfəɡəs/



See coprophagy

‘Larvae of this species are coprophagous, meaning they feed on the dung of large mammals, which they thereby decompose, together with many other species of primarily earthworms, beetles and flies.’
  • ‘At least some species are known to be coprophagous, reingesting special feces voided from the cecum’
  • ‘If people were coprophagous in pre-history, what archeological evidence would there be, if any?’
  • ‘This indicates that coprophagous animals were indeed at least partially responsible for the disappearance of the fecal smears in the 1999 alpine experiment.’
  • ‘The problem of comparing baited and non-baited traps as sampling methods for coprophagous and necrophagous insects is further compounded by the effect of trap fluid and sampling interval.’