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copy editor

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‘The more skilled you are as a reporter, photojournalist, copy editor, designer, or producer, the more likely you will step up to the challenges.’
  • ‘He began his career working summers in northwest Illinois as a reporter and copy editor at the Freeport Journal-Standard.’
  • ‘Mr. McKee, a copy editor for the Journal, wrote a daily column on the TV coverage during the Summer Olympics.’
  • ‘But now that I have become the copy editor of this fine publication, the use, power and impact of words has become a paramount issue for me.’
  • ‘The change was done by a copy editor at our newspaper without explanation, and not myself.’
  • ‘After returning from Atlanta to the New York area, Johnson's first journalism job was as a copy editor and writer at City News, a New Jersey weekly newspaper.’
  • ‘More than 20 years ago, Mr. Springer started his career in medical publishing as a copy editor for the Journal of the American Medical Association.’
  • ‘A copy editor makes the newspaper interesting to read.’
  • ‘He's currently serving time in San Quentin, where he's copy editor for the prison newspaper, the San Quentin Post Dispatch.’
  • ‘When I got home, I called our copy editor on the editorial page and told him I was coming up with something.’
  • ‘Clarence V. Reynolds is a writer and freelance copy editor, dividing his time between New York City and Baltimore.’
  • ‘Jo Ann Baldinger is Mothering's copy editor and a freelance writer.’
  • ‘I am a retired Chicago newspaper copy editor, and I can recognize Professionalism when I see it.’
  • ‘New frustrations and emotions will spill forward as you move from star reporter to anonymous copy editor.’
  • ‘One woman, a North Carolina daily newspaper copy editor, had lived in Hong Kong previously.’
  • ‘Then an editor, copy editor, and designer join the team to discuss space and overall packaging.’
  • ‘The person I reported to was a bricks-and-mortar journalist, having worked for five years as a copy editor at the Wall Street Journal.’